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Chapter 7

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Zeniba and Yubabba pulled another chair up to the table and set out another tea cup for their unexpected guest. When the tea was finished and Boa's exuberant greeting over they gathered around the table to sip their steaming tea. "Oh Granny, I have missed you so much! And I almost didn't believe them when they told me Yubabba had retired and moved in with you."

"Well, they were here more than they were at the bathhouse so it was only natural that they should do so." answered Zeniba warmly. "Look at how beautiful you have grown. It's awonder anybody recognized you. But, of course, Haku would always know the one who holds his heart."

At this remark Chihiro blushed brightly but this time she wasn't the only one to blush. In fact Haku turned much redder than Chihiro. Both Zeniba and Yubabba laughed at their reaction.

Yubabba, who had yet to speak to Chihiro, said nervously "Sin, I know we didn't part on the best of terms and for that I'm sorry. I always liked you but I couldn't very well tell you that." At this Chihiro smiled in disbelief. "I can see from that smile you don't believe me but if I didn't like you I would have turned you into a pig rather than giving you a job." This time Chihiro smiled for real, realizing the truth of her words. With the huge smile still on her face she impulsively ran to Yubabba and gave her a hug.

Soon the three women were deep in conversation. Chihiro told them everything about her life after she left the spirit world then the two sisters filled her in on everything that had happened since she left. Haku looked upon them smiling, glad to see Chihiro here where she belonged. Boa also watched them but soon grew bored with talking and wondered off to play with his toys.

Before they knew it, the sun was dropping rapidly from its place in the sky, fading behind the horizon. Haku hated to drag Chihiro away but he wanted to spend some time alone with her. He had planned to have dinner alone with her again tonight but Zeniba and Yubabba insisted that they dine with them.

While he was still deciding how to tell her it was time to go, Chihiro looked over at him and smiled before saying"It's getting late. I think we should probably be leaving now. I promise I will come to visit again soon." With that she said her farewells and kissed them all on their cheek. She turned and, taking Haku's arm before he had the chance to offer it, walked out the door.
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