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Chapter 6

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Zeniba saw the now familiar, white dragon approaching, and since Haku now visited her regularly she thought nothing of it. She turned and went back into her house to tell Yubabba and Boa that they would soon have a guest then she turned to the stove to put on some tea.

By the time the tea was beginning to boil Haku walked through the door without knocking or at least making his presence known. Were it not for Boa's excitement to keep the two sisters busy they would have noticed something about him was different. As it was they simply said their greetings from across the room then let Boa run excitedly to Haku. When Boa reached Haku he had no difficulty seeing the vaguely familiar form behind him.

"Haku who is she?" Boa asked, angry because Haku obviously had a new friend.

Chihiro nearly burst into giggles at Boa's question. She supposed she had changed a little since she last saw him, but nobody else had problems recognizing her. Haku began to laugh at Boa's jealousy. The sound of his laughter was her undoing. Her giggles began to slip from her lips and soon the two of them were nearly rolling on the floor with tears streaming down their faces.

Zeniba and Yubabba stared unbelievingly at the happy, lighthearted Haku that stood before them. He was always pleasant and, since Chihiro squished the black slug allowing Yubabba to control him, somewhat happy, but there was always an empty sadness behind his eyes.

Finally when the laughter began to fade Haku said "Boa, I'm surprised at you! Are you sure you don't remember her?"

Zeniba and Yubabba smiled in recognition, waiting for Boa to realize who this woman was, Boa looked thoughtfully at her. As recognition dawned upon him he ran to Chihiro and engulfed her in his arms. A startled gasp escaped through Chihiro's lips as she was spun around by the massive child.
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