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Chapter 5

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Once again Chihiro's pleasant dreams of Haku were interrupted by a rude shaking delivered by Lin. When her eyes finally opened she moaned and pushed Lin's arms away from her.

"Haku sent me to get you out of bed. Once again you overslept. You were supposed to meet him over an hour ago, remember. Hurry! Get out of bed!"

"Hmmmmm. Okay, okay, I'm up."

"Good. Now eat this then get dressed, and if you don't mind HURRY!"


After throwing on some clothes and trying to make herself look presentable in the shortest amount of time, she managed to be down stairs in ten minutes without ever touching her tray of food. As she reached the bottom of the staircase her eyes were sparkling with excitement, her hair slipping from her loosely tied ponytail. Haku smiled as she barely managed to stop herself before running straight into his chest. He took her arm through his as she looked into his eyes only to find laughter there despite the stern facade of his face. Grinning widely, Chihiro simply said "Sorry!"

Haku laughed softly at her nonchalance then reached to her face to brush a stray strand of hair from her face. Surprised by the gentleness of this gesture Chihiro looked once more into his eyes. Once their eyes met they locked. Everything around them became tense as their gazes refused to part. This was the scene that Lin stumbled upon as she entered the main chamber. Softly she cleared her throat. Noticing her efforts to save everyone from embarrassment had no effect whatsoever, she cleared her throat again much louder. This time it had its desired effect. Chihiro and Haku jumped in surprise, suddenly noticing they were no longer alone.

Lin smiled softly as the two sprung apart as if they had done something wrong, their reactions completely different. Chihiro turned crimson while Haku looked at Chihiro once more then began chuckling. Lin shook her head and continued on her way to deliver Kamaji his bowl of food.

After Lin left, Haku rushed to the door to open it, remembering where they supposed to be at least two hours ago. "Come on Chihiro, we had better get going or we won't be able to stay very long. Once more Chihiro smiled up at him and took the arm he offered her. Together they walked out of the bathhouse. As they reached an open field full of beautiful, fragrant flowers Haku stooped to pluck one, handing it to Chihiro. As they began to walk again Haku said thoughtfully "You know we could get there much faster if we flew."

Smiling, Chihiro nodded then wrapped her arms around his shoulder as he turned into his beautiful dragon form.
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