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Chapter 4

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After Chihiro was shown to her room, a guest room and the very best one at that, she threw herself down on the bed. So many thoughts raced through her head, some of her parents, some of Lin and Kamaji, but mostly of Haku. Time flew as she meddled through her thoughts and before she knew it, it was already time to meet Haku.

She washed her face and, luckily she had her purse with her make-up, freshened up. Racing down the stairs, she nearly ran into at least five employees. Finally, as she reached the dining room, she stared into eyes as lonely as hers. She had noticed the sadness earlier. But now there was a new spark.

She sat down in the chair directly to his right at the most extravagant table she had ever seen. Staring nervously at her plate, she softly cleared her throat. Being awakened from his trance, he ordered for the food to be brought in. Slowly the conversation began to pick up and the awkwardness began to wear off.

"I was wondering...if there is any way I could possibly work here until I decide whether or not I am going to stay."

"You don't have to, it's not like I'm going to turn you into a pig if you don't"

"That's nice to know but Ithink I would be in everyone's way if I didn't. Besides, I don't mind working anymore."

"Okay, you can have any job you want, as long as you are careful. And if anything untoward happens, you will tell me immediately."

"Can I go back to my old job? I already know how to do it so I could start tomorrow."

"Why is it that we are talking about work when you have just arrived? Shouldn't we be celebrating or catching up on old times?"

That would be wonderful. I have been dying to hear about Yubabba retiring and why you took over."

"Well it's not that interesting really. After you left Boa wanted to go see Zeniba so often that she was hardly ever here. I ran things while she was gone. So, naturally, when she got tired of traveling so much she gave her job to me and moved in with Zeniba. That was about seven years ago."

"Oh, I miss Granny and Boa. Do you think tomorrow I can go see them instead of starting work?"

Laughing at her words he managed to say "So you're trying to get out of work already. What was that about wanting to start work immediately?"

Suddenly her words from their previous conversation came back to her and she began to laugh as well. "I suppose old habits die hard."

Once they both sobered up Haku ordered the dessert to be brought in. After they both finished and the plates were cleared away, they both rose from their seats. Taking her arm, Haku lead her out onto a balcony that she had never noticed before. But that wasn't unusual since she had never dinned as a guest before. Chihiro stared up into the beautiful sky with diamond stars winking at one another. She let out asigh of happiness as she thought about how wonderful tonight had been.

Suddenly Haku turned to face her and said "If you wouldn't mind the company, I will escort you tomorrow. If that is okay with you."

"Really...I was hoping you would say that. I would love for you to escort me."

Both smiling they turned back to the sky. They stood like that for a while then, with a boyish excitement, Haku turned to Chihiro and asked "Do you want to go for a fly. With me, of course, or if you would rather I know a spell so you can fly on your own."

Surprised by this outburst she took a moment to reply. "That would be splendid."

"Okay, hold on tight." She wrapped her arms around his neck the he transformed into the beautiful white dragon she remembered from her childhood. With a surge of wind, they were into the air and speeding across the land. They flew over villages, farms, and even over Granny's house. When they returned to the balcony they were both hysterical with laughter. After several minutes of laughing Chihiro yawned exhaustedly. "I think I'm going to turn in now." she managed to get out between yawns. Once they started she could never seem to stop them.

"Okay, I will meet you here for breakfast in the morning then we will set out for Zeniba's house." With that he bent and kissed her on the forehead. "Goodnight," he murmured then strode past her, leaving Chihiro standing there speechless.

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