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Part 17

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Part 17
Amy’s POV- ‘In our family portrait we look pretty happy, let’s play pretend act like it comes naturally…’
We make our way to the front room of the Iero house like a bunch of scared school children. I suppose that in a way we are. Frank opens the door and leads us into the room.
“Yeah hunny?”
“Is it Ok if Amy and Bob stay another night?” I see worry and confusion sweep over both his parents faces before they turn to each other to do that telepathic parent talk thing.
“They can…” His Dad finally answers, “but if something is going on we’d like to be told. If we find out something really bad has happened at home and that’s why you’re here we’ll feel pretty bad for not helping you out. Plus if you’ve run away or something maybe we could help?” He doesn’t look too awkward but the disjointed way he says his words makes it obvious he’s not used to talking like this to anyone.
“There is something going on.” I say when no one else speaks. “We just spoke to our Mum on the phone and she said we should tell you if you want to know?” They nod in unison and me, Bob and Frank take seats together on the sofa. Frank is sat next to me and he picks me hand up off my lap and gives it a small reassuring squeeze. It reminds me of how my Mum would do that and tell me I was really brave when I fell over but didn’t cry or got a jab at the Drs.
“I’ll make us all some tea.” Frank’s Mum announces. “and then we’ll have a nice talk.” She leaves the room and his Dad follows quickly to give her a hand. I look between Frank and Bob and bury my head in Frank’s shoulder. This was going to be hard and not just for me. It would be hard for everyone. Bob especially. He’s spent as long as I can remember covering for my Dad. He even lied to me until he realised I was a lost cause and wise beyond my years to lies.
Frank’s parents return with multiple cups of tea. Once they’ve all been handed out and everyone is seated again Mr Iero clears his through and asks, “So what’s going on then?”
“It’s out Dad.” Bob begins and I decide to let him do most of the talking. If I try I’ll just start crying mid-sentence. “He’s basically an alcoholic. He gets drunk a lot and when he gets drunk he gets drunk. He’s… not a nice drunk…” He looses steam and looks to me for some help.
“Most nights he’d just get escorted back home then pass out on the floor but some nights he’d get angry. He… takes it out on Bob sometimes. Not like a lot because he’s normally passed out. But enough…” I trail off too and to my surprise Frank picks it up.
“Their Mum went away a few days ago and didn’t come home because she’d had enough. Their Dad went out too and drank for a day and a half. When he got back he started shouting and swinging fists. It was worse than before because he wasn’t just drunk he was angry too. Amy managed to grab Bob and get them both out of there before he hurt hr but they don’t really want to go back until their Mum comes home. In fact she expressly told them not to go back there…”
“She’s coming back tomorrow.” I add to make it clear we wouldn’t force our company on them for too long
“You stay for as long as you like.” Frank’s Mum suddenly says. I realise she has tears forming in her eyes. “Are you going to press charges?” She directs this at Bob.
“Maybe. Mum’s meant to be sorting things out today.”
“Let’s go get lunch.” I say as the situation starts to feel a more than a little awkward.
“Good idea.” Frank smiles at me. I smile back when I realise why. There was no reason for me to feel so happy but I did. I even wanted to eat. I hold onto Frank’s hand and promise myself to never let go. It I do I might drown.

Frank’s POV- ‘Tears fall down your face’
My parents took it better than I thought they would. I’m not sure what I thought would happen but I didn’t think my Mum would make us all beans on toast and give Amy a huge hug once her and Dad had finished talking about the whole sorry situation in the Living room we vacated. I didn’t think my Dad would lend Bob a load of clothes and offer to go back to their house and pick up some stiff for them. Amy and Bob both refused of course but still… my parents are cooler than I thought.
It’s about 3 when I remember we were supposed to be having a movie night at Mikey and Gerard’s house. I double check with Amy and Bob and they say that they still want to go so at 3:30 we pile into Bob’s car and head into the direction of Mikey and Gerard’s house.
Amy had been on the phone to Charli for most of the afternoon. I didn’t listen in so I don’t know for sure what they talked about but I’m guessing it was everything that’s happened. She seemed happier when she hung up. That’s all that mattered to me.
“You know if there’s a theme tonight?” Amy asks from the back seat.
“No idea. Although Gerard’s been after an old school horror movie night in ages.” I answer her.
“Mikey wanted a B grade zombie/ vampire fest too.” She reminds me.
“Probably one of them then.”
“We getting pizza?” She asks. She sounds a bit nervous.
“I think so. We can share if you want?” That way she could get away with only having a few slices but I could also make sure that she did actually eat them few slices.
“Sounds good. As long as we get ham and pineapple.”
“It’s a plan.” I grin at her from the passenger seat.
Soon after we arrive at Gerard and Mikey’s and Bob grunts at us to get out the car. He wasn’t taking this too well. I think he was a bit ashamed at having been injured and for not being able to stop Amy’s Dad from reaching her even if he hadn’t been able to do anything to her. And he was probably just generally sore and tired and upset at having all this sh*t happen. I know I would be. He isn’t used to being open about it either. I mean Amy never told anyone about how bad it really was but it was no secret that she hated her Dad. Bob though, he seemed so Ok and settled. I think it’s all hitting him now, and it’s hitting him hard.
“Frank I said get out the car.” Bob repeats looking angry.
“Oh yeah. Sorry mate. You OK?” I ask as I clamber out of the car and stand next to him on the street.
“I’m absolutely f*cking fine.” He mumbles then ducks his head to lock the car doors. I politely pretend not to notice the tears trickling from his icy blue eyes.
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