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Part 18- THE END

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Part 18
Amy’s POV- ‘What ever words I say, I will always love you’
We’re a subdued bunch as we sit around Mikey and Gerard’s house. His parents have gone out and we mope about his house as if we’re expecting to find our old happiness stashed behind the biscuit tin.
We order pizza and I actually eat quite a bit of it. It’s like now everyone knows about my Dad and huge weight has been lifted from my chest and I’m suddenly ravenous.
I don’t think Bob really wants to be here but I know he’d never say anything. I’m glad we came though. Seeing Charli has cheered me up slightly and it feels good to be doing normal stuff. If we were at Frank’s we’d just be sat around thinking about how sh*t everything is. At least we have pizza to eat here while we drown in self pity.
When the pizza’s gone Mikey goes to fetch some films from his room upstairs. I steal his seat next to Frank and rest my head on gently on said person’s shoulder.
“You Ok missy?”
“Yeah. I kind of actually am.” I state with realisation. I must look funny when I say it because Frank chuckles quietly and pulls me in closer to him.
We sit like that through all of the first film, Hell boy, Frank with his arm around me and me snuggled up to him with my head on his shoulder.
Mikey grins at me when he puts the second film on.
“Oh my God Lost Boys!” I yell gleefully and beam at a tired looking Bob. He doesn’t even try to show some enthusiasm and when I turn back to watch the film I have a huge lump in my throat.
“It’ll be Ok.” Frank promises and I take his hand hoping that it will be. God I need it to be.
When The Lost Boys is over I take the hint and tell Bob we’ll leave if he wants. I hug Charli good bye and promise to call her if I need to. I promise Gerard I’ll look after myself, and Bob, and I thank Mikey for the great choice in films. Ray gives me a rare hug then me, Frank and Bob climb back into the car and head back to Frank’s house. By the time we get there I feel like total sh*t.
“Amy are you dressed?”
“Yeah, hang on just a second.” I call back to Frank through the guest room door as I button up a shirt he’d leant me to sleep in.
“I’m done!”
Frank walks in and smiles. “Wow you sure do look good in that.” I give him a twirl then sit on my bed with a sullen expression as I remember Bob downstairs.
“He’ll be Ok.” Frank says quietly putting his arms around my shoulders.
“I hope so. Things like this though, they make you realise what’s important. You’re important to me Frank. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
“Come on you need some sleep.” He makes as if to leave but I grab his hand.
“I’m serious Frank. I need you.”
“You’d be a hell of a lot happier with out me.”
“Without you I’d be dead.”
“F*ck don’t say that.” He looks scared and I think for a moment that I’ve gone too far but then his face falls back to normal and he squeezes my hand.
“Same.” He means it too. His olive eyes are boring into mine and nothing else matters.
“Frank?” I whisper. “I was thinking I could maybe stay the night in your room? So I don’t get lonely and all…”

Frank’s POV- ‘All the broken bits that make each path and the grassy bits in between. All the matter in the world that’s how much that I like you.’
Of course I let her stay with me. I go through to the bathroom to go through my pre-bed routine of washing, brushing teeth etc then return to her. She’s huddled up under the covers with her head on my pillow and her eyes wide and shining.
“Is it cool to turn the light out?”
“Yeah.” She whispers. I switch it off and join her as quickly as I can.
“I’m scared.” She says in a terribly small voice.
“Why? What’s wrong?” She laughs quietly at this and I must admit I smile a bit at my own stupidity. What isn’t wrong?
“Everything.” She sighs. She’s quiet for a long time and I think she’s fallen asleep until I feel her rolling over and her cuddling up to me. I instinctively put my arm around her.
“I’m worried about Bob and Mum and Dad and you and me… I wish things were easy.”
“You don’t need to worry about me.” I tell her.
“Yeah I do. Bad things always happen to the people I love.”
My breath catches in the back of my throat and I know she’ll be able to notice my heart rate pick up speed as she rests her head on my chest.
“Nothing’s going to happen to me. I promise.”
“You shouldn’t make promises like that, cause you can’t keep them.” I realise she’s right. I mean I could get hit by a bus or go through some traumatic event that changes me for life.
“I’ll try and keep it.”
“Good. I like this Frank. He’s nice.” She mumbles and I can tell sleep is fast approaching by the way her vocabulary has slipped back to that of a 7 year old.
“I like this Amy, even if she is upset, because she says sweet things.”
Amy giggles and snuggles closer to me. I raise my hand and play with her hair. “What’s up?” I ask her when I hear her sigh heavily.
“I wish we could stay here forever. Just us two with no one else to worry about or mess things up.”
“But we have no muffins, or Lost Boys, or cigarettes.” I point out.
“Well… you don’t need cigarettes, they’re vile, I can send you on a mission to capture The Lost Boys from Mikey as long as you promise not to die… and we’ll make Gerard bake muffins for us as pay back for ruining everything last time.” I frown in the dark. “What do you mean?”
“Well like… He made the bet really. You agreed but if he’d never have even had that idea it would probably be normal for us to fall asleep this way.”
“That would be awesome.” I state. I couldn’t describe how good it felt to just be lying here with her falling asleep in my arms.
Amy’s phone buzzes and she reaches across me to get it from my bedside cabinet.
“Who is it?” I ask her as she scrolls down a text.
“Charli checking I’m Ok bless her. And Mikey’s just told her he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and admitted to day dreaming about getting married to her the other day and many before.”
“He’s such a dweeb.” I laugh.
“It’s sweet!” She defends him whilst texting Charli back with unnatural speed.
She leans back over me to put the phone back where she’d gotten it from. She’s lying back down when she hesitates. She just stops. Her hair is hanging down and her face is inches from mine. I can feel her warm breath on my chin. Her eyes are dancing across my face as if she’s taking the time to drink this moment in pretty much the same as I am.
Then, not a moment too soon, she leans forward and her lips meet mine. I close my eyes and let her kiss pull me up and away from everything.
I just know that everything is going to be Ok. Her Mum will sort out a restraining order like she said. Gerard will find someone his own age. Charli and Mikey will quit arguing and share joint day dreams about their ‘marriage’.
And Amy and I will work things out.
“I love you Amy.”
“I love you too.”
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