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is this end?

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What happened

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Drama,Humor,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2007-11-19 - Updated: 2007-11-20 - 344 words

From outside the hospital room; life went on. Doctor's in the facility gave a quick glance to the patience. One doctor in charge of her case was talking to Toro.

"It seems her mind can't differentiate between what's really happened and whats just dreaming."

"What does that even mean?" Ray jetted turning to watch his wife sleep.

The doctor sighed,

"Exactly as it sounds, her mind is losing it."

"Emma is going crazy...?"

"I'm sorry, there's not much to explain it. We took her for a tox-screen and no sign of drug use had been evident," The doctor adjusted his coat and looked down at his clip board, "but her CT scan did show some brain damage; her history says that she was pushed down a flight of stairs and kicked half to death while she was in her first trimester."

Toro closed his eyes remembering back to that day, the days she had spent in the hospital...the loss of their first child.

"Yeah," he paused for a few moments, "she hasn't ever stopped blaming herself for that day."

A long silence past as the Doctor stared with Toro into the hospital room.

"There's something else I wish to discuss with you."

Toro looked to the doctor, he didn't have answer to why Emma wouldn't wake up to the sound of his voice. Why she had the panic attack while sleeping. Why people from her past track her down and torment her still.

"Yeah," Toro muttered.

"Was Emma raped in the past year?"

Toro glared at the doctor.

"What the fuck can that tell you?"

The doctor looked away almost holding his breath. Ray clenched his fist; the hospital buzzed louder.

"It will explain why her body won't get pregnant."

The doctor spilled this news as if it was Ray's fault. The two glared towards each other and before Toro could throw a punch a cold blue was sounded from Emma's room.

Nurse's rushed in the doctor after them, Ray was held back by his band mates. Could this have been the end...
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