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just a silly note.

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kso, here's the deal...

i know i used to be a name of greatness in the summer, and i was on everyday, updating every chance possible.

let me tell you, ficwad has changed...a lot.

i don't like the site set up one bit.

but, it doesn't mean i'm quitting. i just need some time to gather my shit.
i'm going to try to update every story i have, and even think of what to do with a few i've started, like, and never posted.

i'm not neglecting you on purpose. school is a bitch.
i wish i could do everything. i really feel nasty for letting myself slip so much and having you forget all about my stories.
i love you guys so much, and i hope you'll anticipate the great day of updates, that i'll be working on for a while. :)
i want to get back into the swing of things, like i used to be. i love writing, so i hope maybe it'll help me along, and what not.

seeya round punks.
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