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I Wont Forget You

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When Edmund is captured and imprisoned by the White Witch, he finds himself cast under the spell of the mysterious Phantasma.

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TITLE: I Won't Forget You
AUTHOR: Mrs Cheney
SUMMARY: When Edmund is captured and imprisoned by the White Witch, he finds himself cast under the spell of the mysterious Phantasma.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own Edmund or any other of CS Lewis's characters in this story. Phantasma is a figment of my rather over active imagination.
AUTHORS NOTE: This idea just came to me randomly and I decided to write it down before I forgot. Its just a one shot. Enjoy.


Phantasma had never seen anything like it in her life.

A son of Adam, captured and brooding silently in the corner of his cell. Phantasma stared at him in amazement, unable to believe that she was actually in the presence of a son of Adam. Phantasma blinked her large blue eyes and slid closer to the bars that separated them.

"What is your name?" she questioned softly.

The young son of Adam startled and looked at her in surprise.

Phantasma blinked and surveyed him carefully, taking in his deep brown eyes, dark hair and young youthful face. He was beautiful.

The young boy hesitated before answering, "Edmund."

"Edmund," Phantasma repeated, rolling the name off her tongue and deciding she liked the way it sounded, "wonderful to meet you Edmund, son of Adam."

He nodded and looked down, before biting his lip and looking up again, "who are you?"

"My names Phantasma" she replied sliding even closer to the bars and leaning against them, ignoring the bitter freezing cold that seared through her skin.

"Are you... are you human?" Edmund questioned curiously.

"You could say that I'm a distant relative," Phantasma replied wrapping her small hand around the bar and peering at him curiously, "I'm a Lilthium."

"What is that?"

"In your tongue, a Lilthium is a cross between an elf and a human," Phantasma replied still starting at Edmund curiously, "where are your brother and sisters?"

Edmund frowned, "does it really matter?"

"Apparently not," Phantasma whispered, "do you not love them?"

Edmund did not reply.

Phantasma lowered her eyes, "is she going to kill you?"

"I don't know."

"Are you scared?"

"No," Edmund protested so defiantly that Phantasma looked up in surprise. He was glaring at her, "I do not get scared."

"I wish I shared your bravery," Phantasma replied watching as he tore his gaze from her and scowled at the icy wall across from him, "but when you've been imprisoned for hundreds of years, you tend to lose your sense of self along the way."

"You've been here for hundreds of years?" Edmund questioned turning his attention back to her, "but you look no older than Susan."

"You forget that I am a Lilthium, I will live for thousands of years," Phantasma explained, "it is my punishment to suffer in this cell for eternity. But of course, word has reached my ears of the prophesy."

"The prophesy?"

"That two sons of Adam and two daughters of Eve will banish the White Witch and restore peace to Narnia," Phantasma smiled softly, "you understand then, how your presence pleases me."

Edmund stared at her, "I don't think my presence has ever pleased anyone before."

Phantasma smiled, "I guess there is a first time for everything."

"What did you do wrong?" Edmund questioned sliding closer to her, "To be in here for thousands of years I mean?"

Phantasma smiled sadly, "I did not do anything wrong Edmund, I was merely at the wrong place at the wrong time. But no matter, everything happens for a reason. My imprisonment here is merely a part of the Gods higher plans for me."

Edmund frowned, "I thought you were imprisoned until you die."

"But death is not the end, son of Adam" Phantasma replied with a smile.

Edmund blinked, "is there anything I can do?"

"For me?"

"Yes, I want to help you."

"You need to get out of here," Phantasma whispered, beckoning him closer, "listen to me, you need to escape as soon as you can. You need to find your brother and sisters. They will know what to do."

"How?" Edmund whispered back, looking at the guard outside his cell before moving closer to her, "it must be almost impossible to break out of these cells."

"She will come for you," Phantasma assured him speaking softly so her voice wouldn't travel, "she will lead you right back to your family. Then it will be up to the four of you and the courage you possess."

"When will she come?"

"Soon. She's impatient, she wants answers," Phantasma replied.

"How do you know all this?"

Phantasma smiled sadly, "I've spent hundreds of years in this cell. Its amazing what I've learnt along the way."

Edmund reached out and covered her hand with his around the bars, "I'll come back for you."

"Will you?"

Edmund nodded.

Phantasma sighed and rested her temple against the icy bars, "I've foreseen you in my dreams, but I never anticipated you could ever be my saviour."

Edmund flushed, "I don't think..."

"Shhh" Phantasma cut him off, pressing her icy finger to his warm lips, "she's coming."

Edmund's eyes widened and he gripped her hand tighter, before turning to see the guard depart to meet the Queen of Narnia. "I'll come back for you," he assured her quickly leaning forward and pressing his lips to her forehead.

"I know you will," Phantasma whispered watching as he scooted away towards the back of his cell just as the White Witch rounded the corner. Phantasma watched silently as they took the Faun away before dragging Edmund to his feet.

"I wont forget you" he mouthed at her, as he disappeared from sight.




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