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s i x.

We went to get my clothes the next day, and Pete and Patrick went to go talk to my landlord about something. That left me in my apartment with Andy and Joe. Joe was raiding my fridge, and Andy was helping me pack my clothes. He was currently going through my closet while I told him what to put in the suitcase. He held up a yellow and white dress that I wore for one of my old college friends' weddings. I shook my head and Andy put it back. I hadn't been in touch with any of my college friends for years.

"So Andy, what do you do in the band?" I asked as he held up a long black skirt. I nodded and he put it with my clothes that we were taking.

"Oh, Patrick told you about that?" he asked as I nodded to a blue blouse. "I play drums."

"Ahh, that's why you're so buff," I said. He blushed, and I shook my head at the green skirt my sister had bought me ages ago. I should probably clean out that closet after I get better...

"Well, you could say that," he mumbled.

Joe stuck his head in the room. "Hey, you want me to get something?" he asked. I thought for a moment.

"Could you pack up all the DVDs that you guys want and don't already have?" I asked. He nodded and left. "What do the other guys do?" I asked Andy, nodding at the orange sweater he held up.

"Well Joe plays guitar and spazzes out," he started. "Do I even need to ask you if you want all your jeans?" he asked, smiling.

"No, I'll want them. I already know it," I answered, returning the smile.

"Well, to finish answering your question, Patrick plays guitar and he sings, and Pete plays bass and screams," Andy continued, placing all of my jeans neatly in the suitcase. My closet was pretty much done, and all I needed were a few t shirts, some pajamas, socks and some underwear.

"Well, you know what Andy? I think I can get the rest of this stuff on my own," I said, offering him my space on the bed. He eyed me warily. "Well if you really want to go through my underwear drawer and put stuff in this suitcase, then by all means, go ahead." He blushed and I smirked as I got up. He sat on the bed, and I started putting my stuff in the suitcase. We didn't really talk for a while as I worked. It wasn't really much fun because of my injuries, but I felt more comfortable doing it myself than forcing Andy to do it.

When I was done, I sat down on the bed next to Andy and looked at my hands. We were facing away from the open door, and sitting somewhat awkwardly.

"Lane?" he finally said. I nodded and looked up at him. He was playing with his hands also. "Do you think that maybe you'd want to go and get some coffee with me tomorrow morning?" he asked quietly. I sat there, stunned into silence. Of course I'd like to, Andy. Stupid tongue. WORK! "I mean, if you don't, that's fine too. I was just thinking that maybe I could get you some coffee--" he stuttered. I smiled and cut him off.

"Of course I'd like to, Andy," I said, shocking myself. He cracked a smile and looked up at me.

"Great," he said with a dazed look.

Of course, if we had been looking straight ahead into the mirrored closet doors instead of at each other, we would've seen Joe's look of shock and anger from his position at the door.
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