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s e v e n.

Andy and I walked out of the room to see Joe packing DVDs with a dark look on his face. We weren't too fazed by it though. We just kind of waited for Pete and Patrick to come back. Andy brought my suitcase out, and I packed up my laptop, cell phone charger, and USB cables. I did a double check of my entire apartment, making sure that I wasn't leaving anything behind. I walked out into the TV area again to find Joe sulking on my couch and Andy packing up some food to take back to the guys' place.

Patrick and Pete came in a while later with strange looks on their faces. "Patrick? Want to explain what you just did to merit the look on your face?" I asked. He laughed.

"Well we just got your landlord to agree to keep your apartment untouched for however long it takes you to get better," he said. I smiled at both of them.

"Thank you so much you guys, you have no idea how much this means to me," I said, hugging each of them in turn. Pete looked shocked, but received his hug anyways. Like he had any other choice.

We loaded my things into the car, amidst my protests when they wouldn't let me help, and we drove back to my new (temporary) home. I was sandwiched between Andy and Joe, and Patrick was driving with Pete in the front seat. Joe wouldn't make eye contact with me, and Andy had a cute albeit dorky smile on his face that probably had something to do with the next morning and his hand on my leg. Patrick was staring at us through the rear view mirror, and Pete was texting away on his Sidekick. The entire car was quiet except the sound of the Sidekick's keys. We pulled into the driveway and they started unloading my stuff, still in that same awkward silence.

Once making sure that everything was OK in my room and bathroom (the guys only thought it fair to give the only girl her own bathroom), I plopped down onto my bed and just lay there. Patrick came in and closed the door behind him, laying down next to me.

"Why's everyone all...weird?" he asked. I shrugged. "I mean, Andy's got this dazed look on his face and Joe's all angry. What happened?" I sighed.

"Well I don't get Joe's anger, but Andy and I are kind of going out tomorrow morning for breakfast," I said in a rush. Patrick smiled and I blushed. I liked Andy. He was a nice guy.

"Yep, that explains it. Well thank you. And now, let's watch some more movies," Patrick said. We watched Snakes on a Plane and I fell asleep halfway through. I knew I probably had to talk to Joe about why he was angry, and I promised myself that I would right after I finished napping.

I woke up and ran a hand through my hair, walking out to see Joe playing a video game all by himself. Patrick was asleep in my room and Pete and Andy were nowhere to be found. I sat down next to Joe.

"Is there something wrong, Joe?" I asked. He grunted. "Please talk to me, I don't want to have done something and not know what it is or how I can fix it."

He sighed and paused his game, looking up at me. "So," he started. "You and Hurley, huh?" he asked. I blushed. "I thought so. He'll just end up hurting you." He went back to his video game, and I walked away, a little confused and needing to talk to my new best friend. If anyone knew what these boys meant, it would be Patrick. I just had to wait for him to wake up.
A/N: Thanks for the reviews, they mean a lot. I'm trying to make these longer, but there's not gonna be much to write about until this gets developed a little more. Sorry about that, but I got a chance to update :) I'm pretty stoked about that. In other news, FOB concert on Saturday. It will rock the entire city to the bottom of the ocean.

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