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Gerry Genocide and Frankie Fanatic, please raise your hands.”

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Filler chapter. The rest of Fall Out Boy meets Roxy Riot as well as Gerry Genocide and Frankie Fanatic.

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Fall Out Boy took their bow and went off to the side of the stage to watch My Chemical Romance perform. Patrick found Roxanne and sat next to her.

“I completely forgot I was wearing my Police shirt,” she said as he sat down.

Patrick nodded, “Yeah. I kinda hoped you wouldn’t get offended at me dedicating a song about a hooker to you.”

“He couldn’t help himself. You’re a Police fan and your name is Roxanne. We did a cover of the Police song ‘Roxanne’,” Pete replied as he sat down next to his best friend.

Roxanne glanced at Patrick who rolled his eyes. Patrick was about to say something when Roxanne raised her finger to her lips. Patrick nodded and they four of them watched the My Chem show.

Halfway though ‘Helena’ Patrick slowly placed his arm around Roxanne’s shoulders. Roxy responded by laying her head on his chest. Unbeknownst to them a photographer was watching their every move and taking pictures as well.

When My Chem’s show was over the band made their way towards Roxy and Alicia’s general direction. Seeing Roxanne and Patrick’s current position Gerard, Frankie, and Mikey began singing ‘Love is in the Air.’

Roxanne just smiled and thought, ‘Yes it is.’


Several hours later Warped shows were still going on. Nearly exhausted from being in the heat, Roxanne was walked back to her bus by Patrick.

“I guess I’ll see you later. We have another show in about 30 minutes,” Patrick said.

“Ok,” Roxanne replied as Patrick gave her a goodbye kiss.

Once she let her self on the bus, Roxanne went in search of her laptop. After searching for several minutes and finding it on the counter, thanks to Frankie on that one, she sat down on the couch and began writing her article for “Rock Hard, Play Loud.”



As many of you know the 11th Annual Vans Warped Tour began in Pomona, California.
Some of the bands featured on this years line up are Good Charlotte, The Used, My Chemical Romance, and my personal favorite, Fall Out Boy.
For the remainder of the tour, I will be touring with My Chemical Romance. Not to give anything away but My Chem’s Way boys are like family to me, practically brothers. I was offered the chance and I gladly took it to keep my readers up to date on their favorite bands.

Here are a few highlights:

Pomona :
MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE put on a great show. Helena was amazing, but by the time the band began to perform ‘It’s not a Fashion Statement’, their closing song, Gerard’s voice began to sound a little more raspy than normal. Time to lay off the cancer sticks, babe.

FALL OUT BOY was phenomenal. No bias here though because the crowd loved them. Lead singer Patrick Stump’s vocals were amazing on ‘Sugar We’re Goin Down’. Is it just me or does that song sound better live?

GOOD CHARLOTTE, how about them Madden boys? ‘Ghost of You’ still makes me shudder, but because it’s so good. And Riot Girl? The fan girl in me wants to break out every time I hear that song.

THE USED, Blue and Yellow was one of the better songs they performed. I didn't stay long to watch them though because Bert's 'signature' vomiting makes me want to get sick.

I feel bad for not being able to attend any performances today. I suppose the heat got to me yesterday. But don’t worry, my insiders Frankie Fanatic and Gerry Genocide were able to attend and I’m sure they will fill me in on anything I missed!

Much love from Ventura, CA,

Roxy Riot


Satisfied with her article she proofread it and sent it to her editor. Logging off she decided to take a nap. Laying her head down on a pillow she did just that.


Hours later when she woke up, the sun was just beginning to set.

‘Wow,’ she thought, ‘I must have been tired.’

Standing, she walked off the bus where she found both MCR and FOB talking and laughing. Bob noticed Roxanne first.

“Well if it isn’t sleepyhead. Have a good nap?”

Roxanne nodded.

“Yes and I got my first review written and sent to Jay for RHPL. Personally I think it was a little crappy, but it’ll get better.”

Gerard nodded as Pete spoke, “RHPL? What is that?”

“Rock Hard, Play Loud magazine.”

Patrick looked at Pete and explained, “Dude she’s Roxy Riot.”

“THE Roxy Riot? As in the Roxy Riot who told people off around the time of the. Shit, what did you call it?”

“Pete Wentz Penis Scandal? Yup. That was me. I’d like to go ahead and introduce my eyes and ears who help me out. Gerry Genocide and Frankie Fanatic, please raise your hands.”

Gerard and Frank did as they were told and began to laugh as Fall Out Boy made faces.

“No freakin way,” Andy said.

“Man, Trick. Your going to be envied by guys everywhere if it ever gets out that your dating Roxy Riot,” Pete said.

“I hope it’s not going to be anytime soon. I’d hate for the media to be following us everywhere. I mean how are you supposed to get to know someone when there’s a camera in your face?”

Everyone nodded in agreement.
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