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“Can you say love at first sight?”

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Patrick dedicates another song. Another filler, slightly shorter than previous chaps.

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Gerard and Roxanne made their way back to where they left Patrick.

“Everything ok now,” Patrick asked hopefully.

Roxanne nodded as Gerard spoke.

“Patrick, you have my permission to date my sister.”

Roxanne raised her eyebrow as Patrick picked up her hand.

“Since when does he need your permission?”

“Since now,” Gerard replied.

“Ugh, your so fricken lame,” Roxanne replied as the trio made their way to the stages to meet up with their respective bands.

Gerard reached out and pinched her arm slightly.

“Ouch,” Roxanne squealed as she rubbed her arm, “And immature!!”

Patrick and Gerard both began to laugh as Roxanne stalked off ahead of them.


Fifteen minutes later the trio found Fall Out Boy and My Chem.



Frank and Roxanne hugged.

“Everything all right between you and Gerard,” Ray asked?


Patrick walked up behind Roxanne.

“Yeah, he gave me his permission to date her,” he replied.

Mikey walked up after seeing his brother and sister come up.

“Nice Gee. Does he need mine too?”

“Oh dear Lord,” Roxanne replied cutting Gerard off as Patrick began pulling her towards the stage.

She gave him a look as he did so. He stopped and explained.

“Sound check. Show starts in 15. My Chem is up after us,” Patrick explained.

“Oh,” Roxanne replied as Patrick continued for the back of the stage. Finding a spot to sit, she did. Shortly after Alicia sat down next to her.

“Hey girl. So it’s all good with you and Gerard?”

“Yeah. I don’t think I could ever really be mad at either him or Mikey. They’ve both been my best friends since we were younger.”

Alicia nodded and together they sat and their men run through their respective sound checks.

Fifteen minutes later and the Fall Out Boy concert began. For the last song, Patrick had a surprise for Roxanne. Once again he announced the last song, dedicating it to her.

“This last song has nothing to do with the way she is but I know she’s a Police fan so she’ll understand. This last one is for you. You know who you are.”

The opening chords for The Police’s ‘Roxanne’ began.

Roxanne looked down at her shirt and Alicia followed her gaze. Lo and behold Roxanne was wearing her Police shirt. Alicia whistled and whispered in to Roxanne’s ear.

“That boy has got it bad for you. Can you say obsessed?”

Roxanne looked away at Patrick who had just turned his head and smiled at her. Turning back to Alicia she asked, “Can you say love at first sight?”
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