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“The ‘you-get-no-lovin-for-a-week’ glare?”

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Gerard apologizes. Pretty much a filler chapter.

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Authors note: Roxanne’s comeback to Pete is something one of my friends said. I just thought it fit.

Patrick and Roxanne walked out of the bunk area holding hands and before they could make it out of the living area Pete made a comment.

“Wow, talk about quickies. She came in like a woman on a mission and I guess it she completed it.”

Roxanne stopped and looked at Pete.

“At least Patrick’s buddy isn’t his hand.”

Pete stopped laughing as the couple walked off the bus.


Gerard had been walking for fifteen minutes and still hadn’t found his sister.

“Damn. Where the hell can she be,” he thought to himself. That’s when it hit him.
With Patrick. Rolling his eyes at his own stupidity, he headed towards the FOB bus.


“So where are we going,” Patrick asked after walking for several minutes.

“Um, no clue. I--” Roxanne stopped seeing Gerard. Their position was great, she could see him but he couldn’t see her. Several more feet and he would. Getting an idea, Roxanne motioned for Patrick to move closer. When he did she pointed and he understood why she had stopped talking.

Roxanne tilted her head and gave Patrick a smile that said it all.

Patrick lowered his head just enough to capture her lips. Roxanne quickly responded and brought her hand up to rest on the back of his neck. Patrick responded by placing his hand at the small of her back.

The kiss was short, but long enough to give Gerard time to find the couple.


She broke the kiss and looked at her brother.


“Can I speak to you. Alone?”

Roxanne moved away from Patrick and followed Gerard past several buses.

“Roxy, I want to apologize for acting like such an ass earlier. I’m sorry I hurt your feelings. I was playing the ‘over protective older brother’ part I know, I just don’t want to see you hurt again. I’ve seen the songs you’ve written about your past experiences,” he said as Roxanne opened her mouth to say something, “That’s why you don’t leave them next to my sketch book.”

Roxanne stayed silent trying to decide what to say when Gerard spoke again.

“And I know that you and Patrick kissed just now to spite me. Make me eat my words,” he said with a slight smirk.


“I know you. I know most of your quirks, babe.”

Roxanne mentally rolled her eyes.

“I’m sorry too. For telling you where to go and all. It just hurt so bad when you were telling me all of that. It’s like you weren’t even going to give mine and Patrick’s relationship a chance, ya know?”

“I know. I’m sorry.”

Roxanne nodded and stepped forward and hugged her brother. Gerard accepted her hug and returned it. Before they started back to find Patrick Gerard placed his hand on Roxanne’s shoulder and looked her in the eye.

“When we get back to the bus make sure you let the guys know up front that we’re cool. I don’t think I can their looks at me. Especially Frankie’s death glare.”

Gerard mock shuddered as Roxanne laughed.

“The ‘you-get-no-lovin-for-a-week’ glare?”

“The what glare?”

“Never mind,” she said with a laugh as they made their way back to where they left Patrick.
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