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“Where should we begin?"

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Roxy tells Patrick whats up & Patrick is spontaneous for once.

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Ventura, California

Roxanne woke up around 8:00 the next morning to find that her brother was already out of the bunk. Glancing down at her pillow she noticed heavy black streaks of mascara staining the white of the fabric. Slowly she got out of bed and made her way to the bathroom where she changed into a pair of jeans. Before exiting the bathroom she looked in the mirror. She didn’t like her reflection at all.

“That’s not me,” she thought to herself as she looked at her bloodshot eyes and the dark smudges of eyeliner and mascara that framed them.

Picking up a washcloth she cleaned her face off. Once she was sure that the smears were gone she looked at her reflection again.

Wiping her eyes once more she walked into the living area of the bus where both of her brothers and their band sat.

Upon Roxanne’s entrance Gerard stood up and walked over to her. Before he could even attempt to say anything to her, Roxanne shot him a glare.

“Go to hell,” she said in a low voice.

Shocked, Gerard took a step back and let her pass. Picking up her bag she made her way out of the bus and into the bus lot.


Gerard remained rooted to the spot he stood in.

“She has never spoke to me that way. Ever,” he said sounding slightly shocked.

“I don’t blame her, Gee. After what you said last night? I mean come on. This is the first boyfriend she’s had since what? The 10th grade?,” Ray asked

“I understand that, but how is she going to feel when this relationship busts. I like Patrick. He’s pretty cool. One of my friends, but he and Roxy are complete opposites dude.”

“Gerard, your saying ‘when’ makes it sound like it’s an eminent break up. It’s like your not even giving her a chance. Like she said last night, opposites attract,” Bob said.

Mikey nodded, “ Maybe Roxanne needs someone NOT like her for a change.”

Alicia agreed with him, “For real.”

The whole time this was going on Frank was silently glaring at Gerard.

“Frank, your glaring. I understand what I did was wrong. Protective big brother mode kicked in. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t tell me your sorry. Tell Roxy,” Frank said uncrossing his arms.

“Yeah, I’ll go do that. Wait, I CAN’T. Considering she marched off before I could tell her. No telling where she’s at,” Gerard replied as he started for the door, “Someone wanna help me find her?”

“No. This is between you and Roxanne. You hurt her by yourself, you can find her the same way,” Frank said to his best friend.

“Asshole,” Gerard muttered as he walked out of the bus.


Roxanne really wasn’t sure where she was going but honestly she didn’t care either. After walking for about ten minutes she found the Fall Out Boy bus. Striding up to it she knocked on the door. After several minutes Andy answered her knocking.


Patrick, upon hearing Roxanne’s name, walked up behind Andy.

“Hey Roxanne!,” he exclaimed, “What’s wrong,” he asked seeing the expression on her face.

“Come in,” Andy replied sidestepping Patrick so that Roxanne could board the bus.

Patrick followed Roxanne into the back of the bus.

“Which one’s yours?”

Patrick pointed to the bottom bunk on the left.

Nodding, Roxanne crawled onto his bed. Patrick followed her and closed the curtain.

Once again Patrick asked what was wrong.

“Gerard,” she replied.

Patrick nodded.

“Gerard thinks that for some reason this relationship won’t work out and he’s not even giving it a chance,” she said in a voice just above a whisper.

“Why does he think that,” Patrick asked, tilting his head slightly.

“Because our personalities are so different.”

Patrick opened his mouth, closed it, and opened it again.

“Yeah that’s what I thought,” Roxanne said, smiling slightly at Patrick’s speechlessness.

Patrick nodded.

“Well, we’ll just have to show him that it’ll work. Despite our so called differences,” he said.

“Where should we begin,” she asked?

“I could be a little more spontaneous, for one thing,” Patrick said almost to himself.

“Like…,” she asked?

Patrick leaned forward suddenly and kissed her on the lips.


Roxanne rolled her eyes playfully and crawled off the bunk with Patrick not far behind.
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