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“I’ve always heard that opposites attract.”

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The relationship is made known amongst the bands and Gerard hurts Roxanne's feelings.

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Pomona, California

“You know we’re leaving tonight to head to Ventura, right,” Patrick asked as he and Roxanne went in search of a ice cold bottle of water.

“Mmhmm,” she replied as she glanced down at their entwined hands.

Patrick noticed her glance and squeezed her hand slightly.

After walking for another ten minutes the couple found a vendor where Patrick bought two bottles of water. As they began to walk Patrick picked up her hand and they walked the rest of the way to the bus lot.

As they moved towards the Fall Out Boy bus, they found My Chem sitting outside with Patrick’s fellow band members.

It was Frank and Pete who noticed them first.

“So you two a couple now,” Frank asked?

“That’s where they’ve been,” Pete began, “Becoming acquainted with each other,” he finished, accenting acquainted with a wink.

“Funny Peter. And yes Frank,” Roxanne replied as she and Patrick sat down in the two chairs that were left.

“Hell yeah,” Frank whooped startling Ray who was sitting to his left.

“Frank, calm down,” Ray began.

“Okay, calming…” the shorter man said.

“Yeah. Anyway,” Gerard began, “And this relationship began when exactly? Just curious,” he added when Roxanne gave him a look.

“After ‘Sugar We’re Goin’ Down’ of which Patrick dedicated to me,” Roxanne said with a smile as Patrick nodded.

Suddenly a look of comprehension dawned on Joe’s face.

“YOU’RE the one he dedicated it to?”

Roxanne gave him the “O.o” look.

Pete rolled his eyes, “Trohman, your such a stoner.”

My Chemical Romance bus: Living Area; 7:00 p.m.

“Still can’t believe your dating Patrick, Roxanne,” Alicia commented.

“Um wow, that was a little random, considering everyone’s been dropping HINTS about it ever since we walked up earlier. What’s wrong with Patrick? Does someone have an issue with him,” Roxanne demanded.

“Wow, calm down babe. No one has an issue with you dating Patrick,” Gerard said.

“Ok then, why is it so hard for you people to understand why we’re going out? Huh?”

“He’s not really your type,” Mikey started only to stop when Roxanne raised her eyebrow and opened her mouth.

“Not my type? What exactly IS my type,” she inquired, feeling slightly offended and a little hurt.

“Well Patrick is kinda, well more than kinda, shy and not into interviews and he hates photo shoots. And he’s pretty normal, excluding the whole Star Wars thing. Where as when you were dating that punk rocker wanna be you loved being interviewed about everything and photo shoots weren’t annoying and he was pretty weird. More so than MCR put together . Look, I’m just saying that it’s weird because you two are total opposites. I don‘t want you to be upset if this doesn‘t work out, ya know?”

By this point Roxanne was almost on the verge of tears. Here was her brother telling her that Patrick wasn’t her type and that their relationship might fall apart because of their personality differences.

“I’ve always heard that opposites attract,” she said as tears starting slowly streaming down her face, “Way to go Gerard. Thanks for just ruining my good mood and day.”

Gerard tried to say something but Roxanne sidestepped him and walked to the back of the bus and crawled into her bunk where er tears flowed freely and she cried her self to sleep.
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