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“I also take it we’re together now?”

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They're officially a couple.

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Pomona, California

Roxanne opened the door to the bus and attempted to sneak in, with the hopes that no one would actually be on the bus or napping


“Nice talk?” Gerard asked causing Roxanne to jump.

“Haven’t we already had this convo about coronaries?”

Gerard laughed.

“Ray and Frankie have been worried about you. Ray was this close to going and looking for you,” Gerard said beginning to smirk.

Roxanne rolled her eyes.

“Ok, you know what just because I got lost that ONE time doesn’t mean anything,” she replied stalking off to the back of the bus to go to sleep.

“Except that you have a bad sense of direction,” Mikey replied.

“SCREW YOU,” came the reply.


Roxanne woke up at 11 the next morning. Once dressed she picked up her backpack which held her laptop and walked into the kitchen where she found all of the band ,except Frankie, sitting.

“Mornin,” Roxanne said pouring her self some orange juice.

“Mornin,” the guys replied.

“I put you a couple of bagels in the toaster. Cream cheese is next to it,” Ray pointed out.

“Oh thank you. Your probably the nicest member of My Chem. I thank you for being so courteous and having manners.”

Mikey and Gerard glanced at each other before glaring at their sister.

“I’d say something but I’ve always been told if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all,” Gerard said.

“Never stopped you before,” Roxanne said dodging a pillow, “Plus it’s ‘If you can’t say anything nice, come sit by me.’ ”

“Oh that’s from Steel Magnolia’s, isn’t it?” Alicia asked.

Roxanne nodded.

“Hey I’m going to eat this on the go. Patrick invited me to sit off stage for the Fall Out Boy show.”

Gerard looked surprised, “Really?”

Roxanne took a sip of her orange juice, “Mmhmm.”

“Well then, you better go since their show starts at 11 and it fifteen till,” Frank replied as he walked behind her and into the kitchen/living area.

Roxanne tensed.

“Seriously people, coronaries. Let’s remember this, k?”

Frank put his arm around Roxanne.

“Ok,” the guitarist answered before kissing her on the cheek.

“Argh. Frankie get off of me. I’m gonna be late,” she replied. Once out of Frank’s grasp she picked up her bag and ran off the bus.

“I love aggravating her. It’s so much fun,” Frank said with a laugh.

The others agreed.


Roxanne jogged towards the stage where Fall Out Boy was playing at and headed towards the back. About to walk up the steps she was stopped by a body guard.

“Sorry miss. You shouldn’t be back here,” he said.

“But I was--”

“Hey she’s with me. It’s fine,” Patrick replied as he started walking towards Roxanne.

The bodyguard eyed her suspiciously before moving aside to let her on stage.

Once she was standing next to Patrick he hugged her. “I saw you running here but I didn’t have time to tell you him, you beat me here, sorry.”

“It’s ok. Hey you better get out there, your show starts in a minute,” she said giving him a smile.

Patrick laughed, “Yes ma’m.”

Roxanne followed him and found a spot off to the side of the stage on a table and sat down. It was a good view. She could see all four band members perfectly, especially Patrick. Settling back she pulled out her laptop and watched as the guys began to play.

As they played she started typing out her review on their performance for “Rock Hard Play Loud.”

The band was about to play their finishing song when Patrick glanced at Roxanne. She gave him a smile which he instantly returned. Turning towards the mic again Patrick spoke.

“So our last song is a favorite among many of our fans, one of whom I’ve met recently,” he said watching Roxane out of the corner of his eye, “I dedicate this next one to her.”

When Patrick looked at Roxanne again he smiled at her again before starting ‘Sugar We‘re Goin Down’. Several fans who were lucky enough to be right next to the stage strained to see who in the world Patrick was smiling at.

The last chord was played and they guys thanked the fans and did their thing before walking off stage.

Patrick was the last one off and as he started for the steps he was pulled into a dim area of the side stage by Roxanne.

Lifting up slightly she placed a kiss on Patrick’s lips and pulled away, leaving him slightly stunned.

“I take it you enjoyed it,” he asked before entwining his and Roxanne’s fingers.


“I also take it we’re together now?”

“Definitely,” Roxanne replied as they walked off stage hand-in-hand.
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