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“Would it be wrong of me to say that you’re my hero?”

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Patrick and Roxanne speak and a kiss on the cheek.

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Authors note: The name of the magazine is entirely made up by me.Fluff is tarting to show... :] Yeah their starting slow but I promise it'll start moving along shortly.

Pomona, California

Roxanne walked around the fairgrounds for the next hour, just killing time. As two o’clock neared she noticed she was on the other side of the grounds.

“Shit, I’m gonna be late,” she muttered to herself as she started to run back the way she’d came.

She wove in and out of all the people who were setting up the remaining stages and such for tomorrow’s concerts.

Patrick sat on the ground next to the fence that divided the bus lot from the fairgrounds.

He looked at his watch and swore. It was two o’clock. He decided to wait a few more minutes for Roxanne. Several more minutes went by.

He stood up and dusted himself off and began walking away from the busses muttering under his breath. He took off his glasses to wipe them off.

Momentarily distracted, he never even saw her until it happened. Roxanne came flying down the path and seeing Patrick she tried to stop but with the momentum she had built up, it was nearly impossible to.

She tried slowing and ended up tripping, resulting in her falling on top of the Fall Out Boy lead singer.

To anyone watching it must have been a sight: Roxanne, trying to catch her breath, lay half-on half-off of Patrick who lay sprawled out glasses knocked out of his hand and the wind knocked out of him.

They lay in the same positions trying to catch their breath. Roxanne slid the rest of the way off of Patrick and picked up his glasses.

“I am so sorry Patrick. I was looking around and when I noticed it was almost two I was on the other side.”

Patrick had pulled himself into a sitting position opposite of Roxanne.

“Hey it’s ok. I guess I should have waited a little while longer . I just kind of figured that--, never mind.”

“Figured what?”

“That you just told me that and you wouldn’t follow through with it.”

Roxanne noticed the tone of his voice immediately.

“Why would I do that,” she asked softly.

“Wouldn’t have been the first time it’d happened.”

“Oh,” she replied looking down.

“What do you say to that,” she thought.

Again awkward silence crept in.

Patrick stood up first before offering his hand to Roxanne. Once she was on her feet again a funny thought entered her mind and she began to laugh.

“What’s so funny,” Patrick asked.

“I just remembered, that this morning the same thing happened except Pete ran into me.”

Patrick laughed.

“So what he said earlier was true then; that he really did run into you?”

“Very. Hey all I know is that this morning I was walking around the bus, minding my own business when Pete knocks me down.”

Patrick nodded, “Yeah. He was running late for practice and we gave him a hard time because of it. Speaking of practice, how long had you been standing there?”

“Um not very long, but as we walked up you guys were just finishing up “Sugar We’re Goin’ Down. I thought I was going to die.”

“You don’t like the song,” Patrick asked sounding slightly defensive.

Roxanne laughed, “Man I freakin’ love that song. Sorry, I didn’t mean to give you the wrong impression of my thoughts on it.”

Patrick laughed also.

“Any other favorites?”

Roxanne replied with the first thing that popped into her mind, “Dance Dance and Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year.”

Patrick nodded. He took his hat off and ran a hand through his hair before placing the hat back in it’s place.

“Yeah, that seems to be a common favorite, Dance Dance. Hey, would you wanna go sit outside our bus? I think the awning is up and Dirty sat some chairs out,” he asked?

“Um sure. Kinda get out of the heat for a while.”

The two of them set off in the direction of the Fall Out Boy bus. After several minutes of walking around various busses and avoiding Bert McCracken the bus came into sight.

“Something to drink,” Patrick asked?

“Water please,” she responded.

As Patrick got on the bus she sat down in a nearby chair under the awning above. Patrick came back out instantly and sitting in a chair next to her handed her a bottle of water.

“Thank you” she replied.

“Welcome,” Patrick responded as he opened his own water, “So how long are you gonna be staying with Gerard and Mikey on tour?”

“Um as far as I know the whole tour,” she answered.

“Really? Not to be rude, but don’t you have a job?”

“Yeah, but I work online. I graduated college with a degree in web design and a minor in journalism and English. I do work for my brother’s band homepage and I have a column on Rock, punk, and alternative music in ‘Rock Hard Play Loud’ Magazine.”

Patrick’s eye lit up, “Dude, I don’t know how I didn’t recognize you before.”

Roxanne laughed, “Yeah, that picture where I have purple hair is kind of old. And not many people call me Roxy.”

Patrick just looked amazed, “Would it be wrong of me to say that you’re my hero?”

After that the two of them shared a long conversation that consisted of everything to favorite bands to previously attended concerts. They were so engrossed in talking that when the remaining members of Fall Out Boy showed up, the couple almost jumped out of their seats when Pete spoke.

“What the freak,” Roxanne exclaimed as the three men in front of her began to laugh.

“Sorry, it was too hard to resist,” the bassist replied.

“Whatever,” Roxanne answered as she looked at her watch, “Uh oh, it’s six o’clock. I told Gerard I’d be back at the bus around 4:30.”

Patrick stood up, “I’ll uh walk you back to your bus, if you want.”

“That would be great. See you three later,” she said to the other three as she too got up. Once up she and Patrick started for the MCR bus.

They walked in a comfortable silence, side by side the entire walk. When they finally arrived Patrick stopped her before she could reach the door handle.

“Um, I had a nice time talking to you. I don’t think I’ve ever talked to a girl that long in one sitting,” he started, some of shyness starting to show through, “ Uh would you, um. Tomorrow at our show. You know like to uh, sit on stage.”

Apparently Roxanne must have made a face because Patrick spoke up quickly.

“Not ON stage, but like off to the side. Where you can watch us play. But I mean if you don’t want to I understand. No big deal….”

“God he’s cute when he rambles,” Roxanne thought.

“Sure. I’d like to,” she replied deciding to put the poor boy out of his misery.

“Really?” The only way to describe Patrick’s expression was to compare it to that of a young child’s on Christmas Day.

“Yup. Oh and thank you for walking me back, I probably would have gotten lost.”

“Your welcome,” he replied. Before he could turn and head back the FOB camp Roxanne stood on tiptoe just a little and kissed Patrick on the cheek.

Patrick’s response was the most adorable smile ever.
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