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A Brother's Discontent

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Mikey doesn't like sleeping on the couch.

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Chapter 9 A Brother's Discontent

Mikey's POV

He leaves to his room. I strip off some clothes grab the blanket and lay on the couch. It's cold without Gerard. I'm just laying there, staring at the ceiling, hoping that he will magically appear on the couch with me. He doesn't come. I pick up the picture he drew me. It gives me courage. I walk to his room. Cautiously. He's asleep. I guess that's what I was hoping for. I crawl into bed with him and lay there hoping he'll put his arms arounds. It doesn't happen, but I did fall asleep.

Gerard's POV

I hear someone enter my room. I don't get up. It's probably Mikey asking where something is. It's Mikey. That I know now, but he's not asking where something is. He's crawling into bed with me. He's not touching me, he thinks I'm asleep. I think I hear him sigh in discontent. I hear his breathing even out. Now I know he's asleep. I turn to him and wrap one arm around his side. I fall asleep with my fingertips feeling the warmth of his body.

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