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I Have Felt His Warmth

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Gerard wants Mikey to stay.

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Chapter 10 I Have Felt His Warmth

Mikey's POV

Waking up. I'm parting from dreams of Gerard, holding, touching, kissing. I want to hold him, touch him, kiss him and for him to do the same. I begin to slide out of bed. I get caught on something. There's something warm belted around my waist. It's the arm of my brother.
Mikey, stay. It's cold without you. He doesn't wait for a reply and pulls me into him. I'm speechless, the ablity to talk has left me. I don't mind. I'm here in his warm arms. He nestles his face into my back. I sigh in pleasure. Is this what I wanted from my stay with him? Yes, but I want more, I know not to be greedy. We sleep-in that morning lying next eachother, feeling eachother's warmth.

Gerard's POV

Mikey's starts to get out of bed. No. I pull him back into me. I won't let him go. Not now when I have the chance to be with him. I want my brother.
Mike, stay. It's cold without you. I say. I don't care what he thinks I keeping him with me. He can't leave I won't let him. I press my face to his soft back. I long to go a step farther and kiss it. Lick him. I can't be parsimonious. It would ruin this moment. Or would it make it better?

A/N: The slow progression of love. Bah. I love this story. I'm sorry about the hiatus of Vampire in the Attic. I'm working on a chapter right. What do you people want more of ? The Waycest or Frerard? Review and you'll get a post.
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