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Worlds Most Hated New Girl

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I'm the new member because of some friends, with that I meet some very famous people in a rock band. Love might happen.

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All of my stories consist with my name because they are all dreams that I have had, or they are fantasies I want to happen. Plus I think it’s easier to write while using my own name instead of a made up one. Don’t ask why, I just do.


“One pair of skates please.”
“8 ½”
“Here you go, 2.50 please”
“Thank you.”

I’m used to going to ice skate alone. None of my friends like too, but I actually do. Well I never have before and I’ve always wanted to try it. I figured I’d be ok at it since I’m a dancer, so there I was sitting on a bench right across for the ice rink putting on my rental skates. I was wearing my dance tights and tight black dance pants, a long sleeve hooded grey shirt and a tight black zip up sweatshirt figuring I’d be warmer once I started to move.

As I stepped onto the ice I noticed there was only a few people on it. An old couple, a group of 3 teenage boys around the age of 12 to 14 and two girls around my age which is 19. I was holding onto the railing to get the hang of the smoothness of the ice and after a good half hour I was skating with out it, but very slowly. As I was headed towards the exit, because I had be skating for a good two hours, the teenage boys were laughing at me because I was still skating pretty slow and I looked as if I was going to fall. Finally I made it to the exit, but I was tripped by one of them and I fell to the ice pretty hard.
“Hey! Leave her alone!” I heard a female voice say.
“Are you okay?” she asked me
I looked up and saw that the two girls around my age were next to me trying to help me up. One had long braided extensions, and one has short black hair with some red in it.
“I’m fine, thanks”
“No prob.” Said the girl with the braids.
“First time skating?” her friend asked?
“Kind of, I skated when I was a little girl with my dad, but I haven’t since”
“Oh, well your welcome, to join us if you want too” she said
“I appreciate that, but I was just on my way out”
“That’s cool, so were we, lunch?” The girl with braids said
“Yeah, sounds cool”
“Awesome, lets go. I’m Alicia, and that’s my friend Sarah” She said
“nice to meet you, I’m Carrie” you said with a smile. As the three of you went out to get lunch together.


Knock knock knock*

“Hold on, I’m coming” I said as I got up from the couch.
I opened the door and saw a familiar face.
“ALICIA! How are you? Why are you here? How have you been?” I said shocked and happy
“Hey Carrie, hold on, waaay to many questions, I know it’s been a couple years but give me a break. I’m doing really good actually, I’m here to inform/ask you a question, and you kinda already asked me this, but I’ve been excellent.” She said with a smile.
“Good! Now what’s question?” I said while giving her a hug?”
“come out side and see”
With that I took a step outside and saw a hug dark purple tour bus.
“what’s going on”? I asked
“Here’s the thing, you know how I’m part of the Worlds Most Hated”
“Well Meghan Mayhem, she’s not part of the crew any more, and we needed some one to fill in for her”
“well that person is you”
“WHAT??!?!?””Why”? I asked
“well, you have been mine and Sarah’s friend for three years now and I know that you go to college for dance yes, but you also have a modeling career on the side, so we thought, hey we don’t have a dancer, school girl, or model yet besides Sarah, so I thought of you”
“I’m flattered, but I’m still not as good as you guys, if you get what I’m saying, I mean, you’re a bassist or some bands, a tech too, also you’ve done some modeling, and your boyfriend/fiancé is Mikey Way”
“Your point?”
“I’m just a girl who goes to school, dances and takes a few pictures” I said
“exactly. The worlds needs to know that we are all just people, I think you’re the person to prove it, plus you’ve been our friend, so you already have some people wondering who you are”
“alright, if you say so”
“great! Welcome to Worlds most hated Carrie!” Alicia said.
With that Alicia and myself walked to the bus and opened the door.
“what’s with the bus?” I asked
“where on tour right now, doing signing, talking about what we do. Ect”
“oh fun.” I said as I walked up the stairs to go into the bus. As soon as I was on the bus I saw Sarah just sitting there on her computer typing away, as soon as she heard footsteps she looked up and smiled once she saw me.
“Hey Carrie, I miss you!”
“Hey Sarah, I miss you too!”
“It’s Sarah Dope now, and that’s Alicia Pain”
“huh? Ok, if you says so” I said some what confused
“haha, just look at the website, you wont be any more, but you need a nickname” Alicia Pain said
“um how about my modeling name, Carrie Alana.”
“perfect” Sarah Dope said.
“Ok, well were off, first stop is to meet the guys so they know to look for you if you ever go to one of their shows” Alicia said
“what guys?”
“The My Chemical Romance boys” Sarah said
“what? Are you serious?” I asked
“Yes, we are all friends with them and we all kind of work together, Eliza does the hair, I take their pictures, Chris is a friend of theirs and Alicia is dating them, so now you have to meet them” Sarah said
“Way cool, lets go” I stated extremely nervous, but happy at the same time.
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