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Meet and Greet

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Are they friends?

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As we pulled up to the tiny building with a huge line coming out of the doors I got chills running up my spine.
“Go ahead, we will wait here, send us a picture of each of the guys you meet so we know” Sarah Said.
“You’re not coming with me?”
“Nah, you need to make a first impression on your own”
“Way to put pressure on my girls”
“Haha, just go. After the meet and Greet is over Mikey we'll call me, he always does, and then the two of us will come in too.” Alicia said
“Deal”. I said
As I walked up to the end of thee meet and greet line some of the people I guess recognized me and they asked me a few questions like:
“How are Alicia and Sarah?”
“They are just fine”
“With school and dance do you ever have time for friends and to relax?”
“Yes. But only on the weekends, and for only a few hours.”
“How many years have you dances and do you recommend any dance schools for people who want to go into the same thing as you?”
“I’ve been dancing for 16 years, and I don’t really know how to recommend a school for some one because each school is different for every person. However, if you were to go online, each it out, make a meeting time, have a day and time to go check out the school/campus, go see how the levels are to you, go check out the teachers and other students, how the living arrangements are, and to see how you personally would need to do in order to graduate, that should help you pick the right school for you.”
After awhile it seemed as if they were running out of questions to ask me because they were asking me questions like:
“What’s your favorite band?”
“As weird as this sounds since we are in a line for them right now, My Chemical Romance is.”
What’s our favorite Color?”
“Defiantly purple”
As questions kept on being asked the line kept on getting shorter and shorter until I could see the members of My Chem.

Ray and Bob were missing in action, so I was wondering what was going on. The first person I met was Mikey.
“Hey Mikey, thanks for taking the time to meet with us all.”
“Hello, your welcome, it’s always fun.”
“Where are Ray and Bob?”
“Ray’s sick, and Bob’s hurt”
“Bummer, send my regards to them please”
“I would, but I don’t know your name”
“It’s Carrie”
“Well Carrie, thank you, and I’ll let them know you care.”
“Thank you very much.”
With that the two of you took a picture together and you send it to Alicia’s sidekick.
“Hello” Frank said as I moved in front of him.
“Have we met before?”
“Kind of, I’ve met you three times now after your shows here in Michigan”
“I thought I recognized your face, it’s nice seeing you again”
“Same. Thanks for meeting all of us”
“Oh no problem, I love doing this”
“That’s so cool”
“Ok, tell me your name this time, maybe I will remember it for next time.”
“It’s Carrie”
“Well Carrie, thanks for stopping by”
“No, thank you”
We took our picture together and I sent it to Sarah’s sidekick. I then moved in front of Gerard.
“I like your shirt” He said
I looked down and saw I was wearing my Iron Maiden shirt.
“Why thank you, I like it too”
“What’s your name?”
“Like from the Steven King book?”
You both smiled.
“Thanks for taking the time for this meet and greet”
“Any time, our fans are the best”
“I already told Mikey this, but please tell Ray and Bob, I hope they both get better soon”
“Ok, I will.”
“Thanks, take care Gee”
“You too”
With that you took your picture together and you sent it to Alicia. Then walked very slowly to the door. The guys just getting ready to leave since you were the last one. All of a sudden the doors burst open and Alicia and Sarah came threw them.
“Hey how did it go?”
“Pretty good, I think I made a good impression.”
“Good. Lets go”
And the three of you walked up to the boys table, elbow in elbow. When you got there they all look kind of confused. Until Alicia spoke up.
“Hey fellas, You just met her, but this is our old time friend Carrie, or should we say Carrie Alana, the new member of Worlds Most Hated.” Sarah said
They all looked at you with either confusion or shock.
“Hello Again” Gerard was the first to speak
I smiled and said “hello” back.
“Ok wait hold up, how do you three know each other, and when did you become the new member?” Mikey asked
I then told them to sit since it was a long story, and told them from the begining, which was the ice rink to now.
“Oh awesome” well welcome to the team” Mikey said
“Alright Carrie, lets leave Alicia to the boys while you and I catch up since we haven’t done that yet.”
“Sounds like a plan.”
As Sarah and I left for the bus I could hear Alicia ask the guys
“So... What do you think of her?”
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