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Just to get the know the characters more. I will add more the actual story later. I am also added real events to this story like with Alicia's and Mikey's photo at Burger King.

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“Nice choice” Gerard said.
“We think so too” Alicia said.
“So are you coming with us on tour?” Frank asked
“Not this time, we have a tour on our own, but we might be stopping by here or there depending on where we are.”
“Alright, cool.”
“Honey, Your still coming to breakfast tomorrow with me correct?” Mikey asked Alicia.
“Of course.”
“Breakfast? Where?” Frank asked
“Burger King” She said laughing.
“Oh, well hey it still sounds better then the food we have on our bus.” He stated.
“Well then why don’t we might it a group thing, I mean, you guys are headed to Orlando next correct? Well so are we. We could meet up, eat breakfast then hit the road following each other. Oh and don’t worry Mikey, you and I can sit alone” Alicia said to the guys.
“Sounds like a plan to me.” Ray said
“Good. Now I’m heading back to the bus to tell the girls”
“Wait for me!”
Alicia turned and saw Eliza running to the group.
“Hey slow poke, what took you so long?” she asked her.
“I was cleaning up my stuff. These buys take a lot of products to make them look like this” Eliza said pointing to Gerard’s hair and make up.
“Ha-ha, alright, I’ll fill you in with the rest of the girls.”
“Yeah, Carrie’s with us.”
“Oh, gotcha, ok, lets go.” Eliza said starting to walk.
“Are you guys coming or going to your own bus?” Eliza asked the guys wile walking backwards.
“We’re coming for awhile. I need to stay off that bus for a little while longer” Bob stated.
“Yeah, what he said.” Frank said.
“Ok, lets go then.”
So the seven of them walked back to the bus while Carrie and Sarah were just sitting in their pajamas (Sarah’s black Carrie’s pink and Black) playing board games and eating pop corn not expecting any one besides Alicia, and Eliza to show up.
“Oh, I’m a teacher awesome!”
“But I’m the rock star so I rule.” Sarah said
“Yeah yeah just spin” Carrie said still thinking she had the better job.
All of a sudden the bus door opened and in came the crowd.
“Hey girrrrls?” Sarah said kind of confused also embarrassed when she saw the rest of the MCR boys come walking in.
“Sorry, they wanted to come.”
“It’s all good, have a seat, we just started the game Life” Carrie said turning around to face the guys.
“Oh cool, I like that game” Mikey said taking a seat next to Carrie picking up the blue car to start playing as well.
“Any one else want to join? We can start over, no biggie.” Carrie asked
“I’m in” Alicia said sitting next to Mikey.
“Me too.” Bob said sitting next to Sarah.
“I guess, I mean it’s been awhile since I’ve played a board game” Gerard said sitting next to Bob
“In that case count me in” Eliza said pulling a chair up next to Gerard.
“Frank? Ray?” You two in?” Sarah asked looking at the two boys standing still.
“I guess.” Frank said pulling up a chair.
“Yeah, same.” Ray did the same.
“Alright! Let the game begin!”
“Wait hold up, we don’t have enough cars” Alicia said.
“Teams?” Carrie said.
“Sure, um, Alicia and Mikey you two are a team, Bob and me, and Frank and Ray” Sarah said
“Ok.” Bob said.
“Spin!” Mikey said really wanting to start the game.
“Ok, ok, geez. Um… Gerard you go first” Carrie said
For the rest of the night the group just played board games and sat and talked. No one cared that some of them were in their pajamas with no make up on, and some were in costumes with full make up on. On that bus they were just happy being friends having time to just be normal.
“Oh wow, it’s 4:00 am” Gerard said looking at his watch.
“Shit, we need to go! If we want to have breakfast tomorrow we should at least try to get some sleep.” Ray said
“Good night fella” Eliza said hugging every single one of them. Gerard longer then the rest.
“Good night ladies.” Bob said.
Hugs went around, and when Gerard went to hug Carrie, he held her a little tighter then any one else, but no one could tell. At least he thought.

Once every one was off the bus the girls started to clean up.
“What a great first night.” Alicia said.
“Yeah, it actually was” Carrie said.
“So, you have a crush on any of the guys yet?” Eliza asked Carrie bluntly
“No, and I’m not looking at the moment. I actually enjoy being single.” Carrie stated loud and clear.
“Good for you. Gerard is my man, well not yet, but he will be. So you better keep your hands off” Eliza said laughing joking around for the last part, but Carrie could tell she wasn’t. She knew Eliza had a thing for him and she defiantly wasn’t going to get in her way.
“Ha-ha no problem there. Night girls, I’ll see you in 5 hours.” Carrie said walking to her bunk.
She could hear the other girls talking and kind of yelling at Eliza to chill out and to stop saying that Gerard and he are going out. Eliza just laughed and said she would.

The next morning they all walked into the Burger King and got their meals. Carrie was the first to get her food so she went and sat down at an empty table. Then Frank got his and sat down next to Carrie. Sarah and Bob got theirs and sat down at the table next to theirs, while Mikey and Alicia went and sat down at their own little table like Alicia said they would. Eliza got hers and sat with Sarah and Bob, while Ray sat with Carrie and Frank. Gerard was the last one to get his food and when he saw he could sit with Sarah, Eliza and Bob or Frank, Carrie and Ray he chose to sit with Carrie. Eliza was defiantly not happy by this and she got up and sat right next to Gerard.
“Hey guys, group photos. Well table photos.” Carrie said holding up her digital camera.
Then her table put their heads in the middle and she took the photo. After taking it she looked at it and saw that Gerard put his head right next to hers and was covering up Eliza’s a little. She laughed at this and said, “Eliza switch places with me, Gerard was covering up your head and you should be in the picture more then me since I’m new and all.” “Ok” So Carrie got up and sat down next to Gerard and Eliza Across. Then retook it. She looked at it and saw that it was perfect.

Carrie then went and took a picture of Bob and Sarah. Then to Alicia’s and Mikey’s table.
“Hey loves birds look up for just one second.”
“Picture? Hold on let me put on my shades.” Alicia said not wanting her non-make up eyes to be seen on the Internet.
“Thanks, now go back to your googoly eyes.” She said to them. They just smiled and continued talking to each other.

After breakfast they all went back to their buses.
“So we will see you in Orlando?” Gerard asked the girls.
“You will see them. I have school tomorrow.” Carrie said.
“Your going to school?” Gerard asked confused
“Yeah, I’m a dance major, I just can’t take off time. I will however go on the tour over the weekend and summer since I have a three day weekend”
“Ok, well then, it was nice meeting you and we will see you soon.”
“Nice meeting you too. Bye guys.”

With that she went and hugged all the boys goodbye and then went to the WMH bus got her stuff and called a cab.
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