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a friendship starts

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‘Another typical Wednesday’ Carrie thought to herself. She was sitting in her first class of the day, which was History 101 at 10:40 in the morning. “The Holy Roman Empire… blah blah blah” was all she heard from her teacher as she was falling asleep.
• Buzz *
• Buzz *
• Buzz *

Being woken up by her vibrating cellular phone, Carrie pulled it out of her coat pocket, opened it up and saw that she had a new text message. Clicking the bottom she saw a picture of Miss E, Sarah, Alicia and Bunny saying, we miss you! Two more days! We’re being lazy and hanging with Bunny because we’re tired. What are you up too?

Carrie smiled knowing that her friends were thinking of her and that she gets to see them in two days. She then took a picture of herself with her head in her hand with a sleepy/bored face and responded with I miss you too! I can’t wait to get back on tour and see you girls. I’m just sitting here in history about to fall asleep. How are the rest of the guys of My Chem.? Have you heard from them?
• Buzz*

It looks like you having fun. Lol. Eliza is with the guys touring with them so she can do their makeup and hair, I just got off the phone with Mikey he says he’s doing fine, Bob’s sleeping, Frank’s eating, Ray’s reading, and Gerard is no where to be found. Carrie read the message from Alicia. She texted back Typical Eliza, lol, and what do you mean Gerard is nowhere to be found?

Yeah, and he just left after the show and the boys haven’t seen since. It’s been almost a day. Carrie replied, what?!?! They haven’t seen him in a day and your not freaking out?
• Buzz *

We don’t worry about him, he’s a grown man, and besides he has a show tonight, he’ll be back. Hey what building are you in and what room number? Carrie texted back, True, um South Hall, and 163 why? Hey I for got, what state are you girls in?

Just trying to learn your schedule for future purposes. I believe we are in Texas, but the guys are in Ohio. Carrie replied That’s right, tomorrow night they are in Detroit and that’s where I’ll go to get on the plane to meet up with you all.
• Buzz *

Correct. Hey what time does your class get out? Alicia replied. 11:47
• Buzz *

Look at your classroom door. A new number that Carrie didn’t recognize texted her.

Confused, Carrie looked up at the door and saw a man with sunglasses and a black coat on. Then he lowered his glasses and Carrie just smiled with shock. It was Gerard. She then texted Alicia saying I hate you for not telling me and for making me worry. Alicia replied I knew you would, but he’s there to pick you up. We all and I mean all wanted it to be a surprise.

Carrie smiled and looked up at the door again then heard to teacher say “It looks like I ran out of time. Have a good weekend and don’t forget to read chapters 9-12”. She then packed up her things and went to meet Gerard. He just put back on her shades and waited for her to come out.

Gerard POV:
Past (Tuesday afternoon):
“Guys, There is a huge snow storm coming, so it might take us longer to get to Detroit from Cleveland.” MCR’s bus driver said to the guys
“Isn’t Carrie going to the airport in Detroit?” Frank asked the guys
“Yeah, so she’s going to get stuck?” Mikey asked
“Not if we warn her.” Frank said
“Better yet, go and get her and let her watch our Cleveland show” Ray said
“I bet she won’t have class on Thursday because of the storm, so tonight after the show I think we should go get her” Mikey said
“Guys, we all can’t go.” Bob said joining in the conversation.
“Gerard, you go, you know you want too.” Frank said joking
“Ha-ha- very funny, sure I’ll go. Right after the concert tomorrow I’ll get a cab, tell the girls and make sure they know, and that they don’t tell her” He said
“Already on it” Mikey said

Wednesday morning:
“Alicia, your talking to Carrie right now, right?”
“I’m texting her, she’s in her History class and is about to get out”
“Ok good, tell me the building and room, I’m at her college”
“South Hall, 163, she has no idea.”
“That was the plan, thanks, she will see you Friday night”
“Alright, you’re welcome, break a leg with your show tonight. Make it great for Carrie”
“Thanks, you know we will”

Gerard walked into South Hall and found room 163. Once he looked inside he saw Carrie texting and not paying attention what so ever to her teacher. Her head was resting in her hand and her eyes were to her phone. So he decided to text her since Alicia gave him Carrie’s phone number.

Look at your classroom door.

He then saw Carrie look up and see him. It made him smile to see her smile and get happy when she saw him. Was he falling for her? No, he couldn’t, he doesn’t even really know her. Plus he has to worry about Eliza. He then saw Carrie get up and start walking to the door so he put back on his sunglasses.

“What are you doing here?” Carrie asked
“ I came to get you. There is a huge snowstorm coming tonight/tomorrow morning and we didn’t want you to get stuck here and miss your flight.”
“I have ballet tomorrow morning though”
“It’s probably canceled”
“Yeah, you’re probably right, so what’s the actual plan?”
“You and I are headed back to Ohio right now and meeting up with the rest of the guys. So tonight your stuck with us guys, oh and Eliza, and you can either chill in our bus, or watch us perform. Then tomorrow we will ride up together in our bus and we will drop you off at the airport so you can go on your WMH tour.”
“Sounds like a plan, but we do need to stop by my house so I can get my stuff packed for the weekend.”
“Not a problem. Shall we?” He asked while hooking onto her arm.
“Yes we shall.” She said while smiling and hooking onto his arm.
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