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Hello Ohio

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make up and a show

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Once they were at her place Carrie packed as fast and as little as possible as she could. She wasn’t like most girls, she didn’t need three cases of clothes, and one case for hair and make up, she needed one case for clothes and a small carry on bad for her straightner and make up. As she walked down stairs she heard Gerard on his cell phone going over the weekend schedule with some one. It sounded like Brian, but she really couldn’t tell. So she grabbed her bags and went and sat outside on a bench in front of her place. It was slightly cool, and turning into the mid afternoon, so everything was nice and peaceful. As she sat there she was thinking about her future plans and her past, she remembered her family and how they would always go and sit outside on a cool summer night and just talk and enjoy time together, and she realized how much she missed it and tears started forming in her eyes.

Before she knew it she heard a man clearing his throat and looked up to see Gerard holding her two bags with a somewhat concerned face on.

Gerard’s pov
“Ok, sounds good, we will see you guys in about 3 hours. Be ready so that when I get there all I have to worry about is getting myself ready.”
“Yeah, sure thing, just make sure your back in time. Give yourself at least an hour and a half to get ready.”
“I have. Don’t worry; this is why we are leaving now, and why I picked her up so early. It’s only 3:30”
“Just hurry”
“Ok, later Mikey”
He shut his cell phone and walked outside to see Carrie sitting with her legs crossed, and her head resting on one of her hands while her elbow was balancing on her knee. Once he got closer he saw how peaceful she looked, and then saw her eyes watery. So he decided to pick up her bags and find out what was wrong because it didn’t like seeing her that way.

She looked up at him.
“For the most part.”
“Everything okay?”
“Yeah, just thinking about the past and the good memories that I miss with my parents”
“Oh, I love those.” He said
“Me too.”
They both got into the car after loading her stuff.
“Every summer night my family and I would go and sitting outside during the summer, and just talk, some times even bring some watermelon slices out and have seed spitting contests. It sounds silly, but I miss them, it just sucks that they live so far away from me now.”
“It doesn’t sound silly, it sounds like fun. My grandmother and I used to play the piano together all the time. Still to this day I go and sit at a piano just waiting for her to come and sit next to me.”
“Memories really are the best. Cherish them. I do at least.”
“Oh I do too.”
They both smiled at each other and then Gerard turned on the radio. They didn’t mind long pauses in-between their conversations; in fact, they both were enjoying the time together.

3 and half hours later

“Ok, what took you so long Gee?” Frank said coming out the dressing room in costume and make up.”
“What are you talking about? It’s only 6:53. I’ve got plenty of time.”
“You have an hour to get ready and warm up. So actually you don’t have plenty of time.”
“Sorry Frank, it was my fault. I took too long packing.”
“No, I know it was Gerard, he drives too slow. Nice try though. How much did he pay you to take the blame?”
“Hey!” Gerard said
Then the three of you starting bursting out laughing.
“Ok seriously go get ready” Frank said
“I’m going.”
He walked into the dressing room, and Carrie stayed in the hallway with Frank.
“How was the ride.”?
“Not bad, he’s not that bad of a driver”
“Ha-ha, yeah, I know, I just like giving him a hard time.”
“Ah Frank, Eliza is still doing Mikey’s new hair style and I have a ten minutes before I have to start warming up my vocals, could you help me with my make up?” Gerard said sticking his head out of the dressing room door.
“I have no idea how she does it, remember dude, she does mine now.”
“Well fuck then I’ll try to figure it out.”
“I can try, I saw what it looked like. I think I can do it.” Carrie said
“Really? Awesome.” Gerard said grabbing her arm and dragging her into the dressing room. Once inside she saw he was in his costume pants and a black tank top. No jacket before the make up.
“Ok, have a seat, where’s the make up?”
“Over by Eliza”
So she went and asked Eliza where it was, she gave Carrie a what are you doing face, and then saw Gerard sitting there and got jealous imminently.
“Hey when you’re done with Mikey’s hair, please come do Gerard’s. Make up I can try and do, hair I will probably just screw it up.” She said to Eliza.
Eliza gave her a shocked kind of look, like she wasn’t expecting Carrie to ask her that since she thought Carrie was trying to steal Gerard, but replied with
“Defiantly. Good luck with the make up. I’ll come fix it if it needs to be.”

Carrie then went and walked back over to Gerard.
“Nicely done” He said
“What was?”
“The way you handle Eliza’s jealousy, most girls can’t do that. They usually freak out and back away slowly, but you kept it friendly and professionally. Like I said nicely done,” He stated
“Oh really? Well she has no reason to be jealous, you and I are just friends, and aren’t you and her about to date anyway?”
“No, I’m not interested in her that way. She thinks I am, but no, I only like her as a friend. I’m into the more easygoing, and friendly girls.”
“Ha-ha. Maybe I should tell her that, she might take it into consideration.”
“We’ve already tried.”
“Oh, gotcha. Well you are all set Mr. Way.”
She then handed him a mirror and he saw his perfectly done make up.”
“Awesome, it perfect.”
He then saw Eliza coming to do his hair.
“I’ll see you later Gerard, I’ll be watching from back stage. Break a leg, put on a great show.” Carrie said with a smile and then walked out of the dressing room.

When Eliza was done with his hair she started packing her stuff up an putting it back on the bus leaving Gerard and Mikey by themselves warming up for the show.
“You like her don’t you.” Mikey asked Gerard out of the blue and getting straight to the point.
“Eliza, no but you like Carrie don’t you”
“I don’t know man, she’s so easy to talk too, and very attractive too, the way she gets along with every one is great too. “
“Yeah, it sounds like some one is getting a crush”
“Nah, I don’t think so… come on, we’ve got a show to do.”
“Whatever you say man, lets go”
While he was walking to the stage he was thinking of that conversation he just has with Mikey. He then saw her just standing there, her arms crossed with a smile on her face as she talked to Frank before the show. He walked up to them and she turned to him.
“Are you excited?” she asked him
“I’m very excited.”
“See I told you he would say that” Frank said
Carrie just started to laugh
“yeah yeah” Gerard said while smiling. Then the two of them walked on stage to meet the other guys to get ready for the show to start.
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