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Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

Gerard’s P.O.V

He closed the door behind Mya; he was missing her already.

As he walked into the kitchen to make a drink, the questions started flowing in.

“So she’s an old friend from the past is she?” Mikey said pulling the ‘you can’t fool me’ face.

“Yeah, an old friend.” Gerard said starting to make the coffee.

“Really? Well when some old mates meet up they don’t usually go upstairs for hours on end and lock the door…bit suspicious Gerard!” Mikey said smirking.

“Mikes, we’re just old mates catching up, aren’t I allowed a little bit of privacy?” Gerard said coming in and sitting down besides Mikey.

“Everyone is entitled to a bit of privacy…but when your married, and you take an ‘old friend’ upstairs locking the door not wanting to be disturbed, well I think I should be concerned!” Mikey said raising his voice, but not for one second taking his eyes off the television screen.

“Look, I love Irina! Nothing is going on between Mya and me, never was and never will!” Gerard said lying, he’d learnt the skill of Mya obviously!

“Well if you’re sure. I’m sorry for err accusing you!” Mikey said lowering his head.

Gerard hit his back; “It’s okay Bro, your just looking out for me, even though I don’t need it.” He smiled.

“I know, I’m always gonna be here for you Gee, you’re my older Brother and I look up to you just like Dad!” Mikey said sweetly.

It started of in a ‘kind of argument to be’ then turned out to be a heart to heart between the two Brothers.

“Mikey, I love you!” Gerard said in a loving way towards his little Brother.

“I love you too.” They both smiled and had a bonding kinda hug.

“So, is she taken…?” Mikey said with a cheeky smile on his face.

“Err yeah, I think she is…” Gerard said; trying not to make eye contact with his little Brother.

“Darn, that sucks! She’s fucking hot!” Mikey said totally crushing on Mya.

Gerard couldn’t believe this, Mikey his one and only Brother liked Mya…the one Gerard was “kinda” dating, typical!

“Err yeah she’s alright I guess.” Gerard said trying not to sound to obvious that he was actually in love with her…

“He’s a lucky guy…” Mikey said trying to get Gerard’s basic attention.

“Yeah he is, she’s lovely!”

“Admit it Gee, your having an affair with her, just fucking admit it!” Mikey said teasing him.

Gerard didn’t find it funny though; he looked down at the floor quite sadly actually.

“I’m not…” He said quietly that barely Mikey could hear him.

Mikey could tell he was annoyed about this; obviously a touchy subject;

“Look just tell me the truth, are you or aren’t you? I’m not going to tell Irina if you are…you’re my Brother, I wouldn’t do that!”

Gerard knew he was telling the truth and he wouldn’t tell her, but he still didn’t know what was holding him back. He thought for a while.

“I…I slept with her…” Gerard blurted out;

‘shit’ I didn’t wanna tell him!

Mikey’s eyes nearly popped out of his head; he was so shocked!

“Woah! Jesus, how did ‘you’ pull her?!” Mikey said as if Gerard was a piece of dirt.

“Thanks a lot!” Gerard said; actually finding it quite funny.

“But like how?!”

Gerard just looked at him; “Mikey you learnt sex education when you were younger, I’m not going through it all again!”

Mikey collapsed on the floor with laughter; “Oh my god Gerard, I’m on about how did you to start this affair you prat!”

Gerard kinda looked embarrassed; “Oh, well you could have specified it about more! Anyway why do you wanna know?!”

“Cause…now just tell me!”

“Okay then…nosey git. When me and Irina we’re splitting up I met her and we hit it off straight away, we went on a couple of dates and then well erm we did it…and well err we kinda are still doing it now…”

Mikey was even more shocked then before; “You’re still doing it?!”

Gerard just blankly started at him; “No I’m doing her fucking Mom! Of course I’m still doing it with her cunt.”

Mikey laughed; “Gosh…language!”

By this Gerard got up and walked outta the room “Immature!”

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