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Chapter 16

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Chapter Sixteen

[Back to Mya’s P.O.V]

Mya stumbled down the stairs half asleep and still getting over the awful hangover.

She hadn’t heard off Gerard in a week; his phone was off…what the hell was up with him?!

Plus she had been ignoring Matt…he called her all the time, was he an obsessive perverted stalker or something she thought to herself.

As she walked up to the door, she’d seen that the mail man had already arrived; she picked them up and flicked threw them.

“Bill…Bill…Crap…Bill…Gerard…Bill…” Mya said; “Gerard?!”

She chucked all the rest of the floor and fiercely opened it.

It read:

‘Hey Mya, sorry I haven’t been answering…I’m in France…a few gigs came up, and like a idiot I left my phone at home. I knew you’d probably of phoned me and wondered why I haven’t called so I thought I ought to some how get in contact with you. It’s really weird not hearing off you…and I was wondering if you would come out here? If so then I added 2 plane tickets for you and a friend or someone? I’m not gonna force you to come; but I would really like to see you…One problem though; as well as the rest of the band being here of course…Irina is here, sorry. I’m sure if you came I could get a little time away from her to spend with you? I just need you…your amazing! Anyway hope to see you soon; G xox’

Mya had mixed feelings about this;

she wanted to go see him, but she knew that he only wanted her to fly out so he could ‘have her’.

This was the first time that she actually felt used by him.

The feeling of sweet revenge came over her; she had an idea.

A good one.

One that would make Gerard come to his sense’s and leaves Irina for her finally.

She was going to invite Matt along; as her boyfriend!

Of course it wouldn’t be fair on him…but at least Matt got to be with her for a while; wasn’t that what he wanted?

Mya searched for his number and was positively certain this is what she was going to do!

“Hey Matt…It’s Mya!” She said all sweet and chirpy.

“Oh hello…you actually remember me?!” He joked.

“Obviously; how could I forget such a great kiss?”

Matt laughed; “Oh well I’m pleased!”

“That’s good!” Mya giggled; “Anyway, I was wondering, you said you liked Gerard Way?”

“Yeah…!” Matt said getting excited at to what Mya was building up to.

“Well I spoke to him again, don’t ask how; long story and well I was wondering if you wanted to come to France with me to meet up with him and the guys? Maybe you could come as my boyfriend…” She flirtatiously suggested.

“OH MY GOD! Are you like serious?!” Matt said not knowing what to say.

“Yeah definitely; 2 tickets for tomorrow, so you wanna join me?”

“Of course! Thanks so much Mya…and yes I will be your boyfriend!” He laughed.

“Great; I’ll meet you at the airport at 10:30 tomorrow morning, bye! Love you!” She said flirty.

“Great, love you too!”


Later on that evening Whilst Mya was packing up for the trip she felt guilty.

She loved Gerard, why on earth was she doing this to him?!

Plus what if Matt found out about her and Gerard, she’d be left without either of them!

Was it to much of a risk to be taking?

“Well it’s just the risk I’m gonna have to take!” She said to herself.

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