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Chapter 17

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Chapter Seventeen

As the taxi pulled up to the hotel, Mya was starting to feel real excited; why though?!

It wasn’t exactly the nicest thing to be done in this situation; but it was something that had to be done.

Matt grabbed a hold on her hand;

“I’m so glad you brought me along…and I’m real glad I’m your boyfriend…My I appreciate you a lot, I just wanna make sure that I’m gonna make you happy. If you need something tell me, I’d go the end of the world and back searching it for you.” He smiled.

Woah; Mya was touched!

“Matt that must be one of the nicest things that anyone has ever said to me. Trust me, you do make me happy…happier then you know; I love you!”

Oh my…Mya didn’t know where that came from! She actually liked him…this was gonna be a lot harder then she imagined it to be!

When they walked inside; hand in hand, Mya noticed Mikey.

She ran up to him and hugged him;

“Mikey!!!” She said childishly.

Mikey picked her up and spun her round; just like the movies.

“Mya! Hey, how are you? Heard you were coming!”

“I’m good thanks, just a bit tired, you?”

“I’m okay thanks, been busy and all!” Mikey said rolling his eyes.

Mya totally forgot about Matt;

“Oh yeah Mikey, this is Matt…my boyfriend…” She said starting to walk over to him, signing for Mikey to do the same.

Mikey grabbed her arm, and pulled her back; “What do you mean your boyfriend?”

“Matt…my boyfriend…” Mya said wondering what he meant by it.

“Mya…I know about you and Gerard!” He said lowering his voice.

Was this real?! Was Mya actually hearing correctly?!

Mya just stared at him; not knowing what to do or say.

“Nothing is going on between me and your Brother Mikey, we are just old friends. Matt is my boyfriend; your obviously confused…”

“Mya…Gerard told me about the whole affair; I know!”

“Excuse me; I don’t think this is any of your business!” Mya said walking off back over to Matt.

“Come on babe, I wanna go upstairs for a few hours…” Mya said.

Matt grabbed a tight grip on her ass; “Sounds like a great idea…”


As they walked out of the lift they both split up looking for their hotel room.

Mya walked down one corridor; Matt down the other.

She walked past a few rooms; none of them with their number 276 on.

As she walked past the next room, she heard his voice; Gerard’s voice.

So this was his room then, the one he was sharing with Irina; bitch.

Suddenly she heard a voice, her voice; she couldn’t help but listen.

She closely put her head against the door listening in, but making sure nobody hears or see’s her.

“Gerard, come sit down. I have something to tell you.”

There was a silence; Mya couldn’t hear anything. Obviously he was walking over to sit down by her.

“Go on, what is it?” She heard him say in the same concerning voice he used with her before.

“I’m really excited to tell you this…it’s gonna be great!”

“Oh, tell me then!”

“Gerard…before we came away…I did a pregnancy test; and it’s positive…we’re gonna have a baby!”

“Wow! Seriously?!”

“Yeah, two months gone already!”

“That’s great honey!”

Mya couldn’t take it anymore!

She ran off, not knowing where to go.

Gerard was gonna be a Dad! Jesus fucking Christ! This would definitely change everything; obviously the whole ‘unofficial girlfriend’ was gonna be called off, right?!
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