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Chapter 18

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Chapter Eighteen

Mya was struck with sadness; Gerard was going to be a Dad!

Why?! Why did he have to go and make this happen?!

She didn’t want to show she was upset; why did she even have to be upset, it wasn’t the end of the world, she had Matt; wasn’t that all she needed?!

Or did she just wanna be plain greedy?

As she saw Matt, she started to feel a bit better; a sense of relief.

He took hold of her hand and started to pull her;

“I’ve found it, it’s this way…”

They approached the room soon and Mya noticed the door was already open.

“I see you’ve already been in…”

“Yup, needed to check it was okay for my princess.” He said with a big smile.

Mya loved his little pet names; but all in all they some how reminded her of Gerard.

The way he used to call her them as well.

“Aw!” Mya said all cutely.

Quickly Matt swept her off her feet picking her up.

Mya giggled; “What are you doing?” She said in a little sweet girly voice.

“Showing you how much I appreciate and love you!” He said continuing with the smile.

Mya loved him. Alright so she may of only new him a week max, but this guy showed he cared, what else could she ask for?! He even loved her!

He was still carrying her; not stopping when they got into the room.

Matt placed her on the bed, and walked back to shut the door.

“What are you gonna do now then…?” Mya giggled.

Matt walked back over, and gently pushed her back; “Oh I think you know…” He said all masculine getting on top of her.

Mya was so excited!

Her and Matt finally getting it on.

Declaring their love; well making love anyway!

She roughly pulled him closer to her, so his head was next to hers;

“Well I’m ready for you…!” Mya said all hot and sexual, pulling at his hair.

Matt was getting harder; he liked the way Mya was speaking to him, all dirty; it was a big turn on!

Slowly Matt pealed her top off, putting his hand around her kissing up and down her stomach, Mya lifting her body up and down at every kiss.

Matt stopped kissing and started to move his hand to her trousers; slowly unzipping the zipper and pulling them off.

“Right stop!” Mya said out loud.

Matt stopped dead still; “What…? Have I done something wrong…?”

Mya giggled; “Nope, I just wanna strip you now!”

Matt was obliged, he lay on his back waiting for her to take over.

She got up and started to take his top half off, feeling his body up after – although she was expecting a bit more then she got but oh well who was she to complain.

Roughly she tugged at his zip trying to undo it, no stopping to pull his trousers down.

She slowly but sexily moved her hand over his crotch.

Matt groaned; grabbing hold of her hand and putting it down his boxers.

Mya giggled; “What exactly am I meant to be doing?!” She rolled her eyes.

Matt winked. “Move your hand around and see what happens!”

Mya laughed; “Ew!”

“Oh hunny, you know you love it really!” Matt said raising his eyebrows sexually.

Woah he was well different from Gerard; by far!

All small and pale, even paler then Gerard. Mya didn’t care though, she loved Matt and he loved her, which was all that matter…right?

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