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Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

The next morning Mya walked around trying to find the breakfast room.

She decided to leave Matt in bed; the deserved it after last night.

Mya caught a few lifts and walked around; she couldn’t find it anywhere!

“Where the fuck is it?!” She said starting to become impatient.

Suddenly she heard “him”;

“Where’s what babe?” He said coming up from behind and hugging her.

“Gerard?” Mya said confused.

“I missed you…” He said turning her round to place a kiss on her lips.

Mya couldn’t help but kiss him back; she’d missed him too, she really did. It wasn’t right though; she knew it. Gerard had just found out the pervious night he was going to be a Father and then he comes kissing her the next day; what is up with that?!

“Gerard…not here. Anyone could walk by!”

“Okay then” He said quickly stealing another kiss.

“Shouldn’t you be with Irina…?” Mya said not being able to look him in the eye; awkward!

“No…she’s resting; I’m not always with her My…”

Mya couldn’t help but ask; “Why’s she resting, something wrong with her?”

Gerard waited before he answer her question.

Mya didn’t know what to say. She couldn’t believe Gerard hadn’t even mentioned the baby…didn’t it mean anything to him…

“So she still doesn’t have a clue what’s going on then?”

Gerard looked Mya in the eye; “No, of course not. She’s not going to either; I love you!”

Mya felt a hard lump at the back of her throat; “What?!” She croaked.

“I love you…My is everything okay?” He said taking her over to the side, so if anyone did come past they wouldn’t notice them.

Mya tried not to look at him, she just couldn’t; she was hurt.

“Yeah it’s fine…Gerard I brought my err boyfriend with me…”

Gerard just looked at her. For some reason he actually looked sad. Why though; that’s what Mya didn’t understand. Gerard had everything : a wife who’s pregnant and a great career, why would he be upset?!
“Oh. Who is he?” Gerard said trying to sound alright with it even though Mya knew he wasn’t.

“Matt…the guy I told you about before. Look I’m sorry…”

Gerard let go of her hand; “Do you want him or me?”

“Gerard don’t be like this! I don’t do it about you and Irina!”

“Actually you do…” Gerard said sounding angry.

“Well I don’t mean to! Gerard you have someone why I can’t I?!”

“You have me!”

“You have Irina! Fucking forget it, it’s her you want, maybe we should just call this whole thing off!” Mya said raising her voice.

Gerard pulled her back and held her aggressively; “Don’t fucking walk away from me! Why don’t you understand I can’t leave her?!”

Mya couldn’t believe it…she hated seeing him in this way.

She just couldn’t keep it in any longer; “Your not leaving her because she’s pregnant!” She screamed and ran off before Gerard could say anything.

He was too shocked to take in anything of what she just said to him; how did she know?!

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