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Zimmer 483

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chapter 2

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The three of us lived in hotels or the convertible for the time.

I don’t even remember why I said Germany.

Something in my head told me something would be there to rescue me.

I thought about this as we pulled up to the next hotel.

“Where are we?” I asked meekly.

“We are at the Hilton in Hamburg.” Carolyn informed me.

We made it.

I gasped at the beauty of the place.

We got out the car and walked into the hotel and booked a room with three beds.

I went on the computer and looked up rescue me on the google to find out what it meant in German.

The words crept across the screen beautifully.

A song called rescue me by a German band.

Rette mich.

Rescue Me is Rette Mich.

The band wasn’t so important as finding out I could ask someone to rette mich.

“Chelsea, the rooms ready.” Carolyn told me and I closed the window and walked with Erin and Carolyn to room 483.

I had a déjà vu opening the door to room 483 though and the words Zimmer 483 popped into my head without warning.

I suddenly dropped to the floor and couldn’t get up so I stretched out to Carolyn or Erin and I tried to scream but the only thing that came out was Schrei! Schrei! Schrei! I didn’t even know what schrei meant! But I just kept screaming and the walls were closing in and I couldn’t do anything but try and reach for something and scream schrei! Then the walls closed. Blackness.
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