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“Hallo, mein Name ist Tom Kaulitz. Das ist mein Bruder, Bill. Tun Sie sprechen German?”

I woke up to see two unknown people standing in the room. One was dressed in baggy clothes and had dreadlocks pouring out the back of his hat. The other one was dressed in tight pants and a tight black shirt. His hair was long, black and blown out and straightened.

“I’m sorry? I don’t understand German.” I heard Stephanie’s voice.

“When did Stephanie get here?” I asked out loud.

“I got here a while a go with Patrick for a vacation.” Stephanie answered.

I nodded.

“Hokay. My name is Tom Kaulitz. This is my brother Bill.” The person in the baggy clothes said.

I sat up in the bed to get a better look at them.

“Da. We just released an album Zimmer 483 and we need this room for publicity pictures.” The other one said.

“Zimmer? What does that mean?” I asked remembering what just happened to me.

“Room. That’s why we need this one. Because it’s ROOM 483!” Tom turned to me looking frustrated.

“Listen, I understand that things haven’t been going right for you today Tom, but the nice girls in the room will have to let you in the room!” I shouted. But it wasn’t me who said it. It was a different voice. I pressed my eyelids shut and shook my head shut.

“I’m so sorry. I don’t know what’s wrong with me today. Where’s Erin? Carolyn? Stephanie?” I asked in confusion.

Bill and Tom stood there shocked and Stephanie raced to my side.

“Carolyn and Erin went out to find out what was wrong with the room or something and to get you Advil.” Stephanie told me.

“Is Patrick here?” I asked. She nodded.

“Sie klang gerade wie Gustav.” Bill said to Tom nodded.

“Do you know who we are?” Tom asked me. I shook my head no. Bill came to my side.
He was gorgeous.

“Do you know anything in German?” He asked.

“Rette mich.” I said slowly.

“Rescue me. Why is this the only thing you know?”

“I asked the god’s to find someone to rescue me and they pointed me to Germany.” I replied not realizing my answers.

I was so scared at the fact that I felt like I was being taken over by something.

I looked up and saw Stephanie clutching Patrick.

Patrick Stump.

Pete Wentz.

I cringed and screamed.

“SCHREI!!!! SCHREI!!!!!!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. Bill backed away and walked over to Tom with wide eyes.

“What the hell does schrei mean?” Patrick asked.

“Scream.” Tom answered slowly.

“Sie hat sich irgendwie verflucht” Bill said.

“Ja, ich weiß wie obwohl nicht” Tom replied.

“What does that mean?” Stephanie whispered.

“She’s somehow cursed herself. Was she in anyway depressed before asking the god’s to find her someone to rescue her?” Bill asked worriedly.

“Yeah. She had her heart broken three times, probably more and she was severely depressed.” Patrick said.

I felt my eyelids getting heavier and closing. All the noise around me faded and nothing happened.
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