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Vergessne Kinder

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A cell phone ringing woke me up.

I opened my eyes to find myself in a hotel bed. On the counter next to me I found the cell phone. I picked it up to see the name on the screen.


I picked it up.

“Hallo? I hear you’re in Germany now! How exciting!”

“Davey? I haven’t heard from you in forever.”

“ I KNOW! Touring sucks when I can’t see my favorite Urie.” I laughed and heard Davey laughing back with me.

“ Yeah, I’ve missed you too. So have you talked to Erin or them cuz I can’t see them in my room.”

“Mhmm,” There was some crunching like he was eating something and I giggled. “Yeah they are going to find out about this curse or something you gave yourself. Whatever. I just think you need some Havok back in your life.” I laughed again. God, I missed that kid.

“I do, do I? Well, why don’t you come and see me?”

“I can’t sweetheart, I wish I could. Cuz I’m worried about you.”

“Yeah. I’m okay though, you don’t need to.”

“Yeah but you know I love you right?”

“Mhmm. I do. Anything you want me to do while I’m here?”

“YES! Meet Tokio Hotel for me, please?”

“Who are they?”

“The lead singer is Bill Kaulitz and I would love to do a duet with him.”

“Okay,” I agreed not realizing that I knew who Bill Kaulitz was. “I will Davey and I can’t wait to see you next.” I smiled and hung up.

I got up and got dressed. I felt lighter than air after talking to him. He was my best guy friend ever. We tried dating once but then realized we were more like friends than lovers and that was cool. I grabbed a key card and headed out to try and find the others.
I walked for a while until I came to an elevator. I rode down it and walked around the main floor. I was busy looking at the things written in German not noticing where I was going.

I bumped into someone and fell down.

“Oh, I’m so sorry!” I looked up and realized it was Tom Kaulitz, the one in the baggy clothes.

“No problem. You’re the cursed one, right?” He asked, I shrugged.

“I guess. I don’t really know what’s wrong with me.” I replied looking at the floor.

“That’s okay. Do you want to walk with me back to my room? Its on the same floor as yours.” He smiled. I nodded and he helped me up.

“I’m Tom by the way, sorry for the rude intrusion yesterday.” He said and we walked to the elevator.

“I’m Chelsea and that was no problem, honestly. I think it’s very cool you are doing publicity pictures there. That is a very smart idea.” I smiled.

“Have you heard us before?” Tom asked as we boarded the elevator.

“Nope, but I’d like to. What’s your band called?”

“Tokio Hotel.”

I gasped.

“No way. Shut up.” I said shocked.


“I have this friend who is a big fan of yours and he would love to do a duet with you guys.” I told him all about Davey and AFI as we walked to the room 480.
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