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Ich Brech Aus

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Heheh. this chapter is for Geets who is actually reading this. THANK YOU!!!!

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Bill Kaulitz reminded me so much of the others. A deal too good to be true. He was perfect in every way, shape, and form. However, I knew I had to a least try to be nice. I smiled kindly as Tom invited me into his room to get one of their c.d’s so I could hear them.

“Marissa?” Tom asked. A very beautiful girl came out of one of the separate rooms and smiled. Tom and her kissed for a few minutes and I got a better look at Bill.

Long black manicured fingernails tapped quickly on a laptop keyboard. Long slender white fingers showed off many jeweled rings and white leather fingerless gloves. A tight black t-shirt with a fire engine red skull on the front concealed his torso. Tight black skinny jeans covered long, thin legs. His hair was flat-ironed straight in the front and slightly spiky in the back today and I noticed he had a few blond streaks in the front and back. His hazel eyes were rimmed in dark black eyeliner and his eyebrow on the left had a ring through it. I wondered what other peircing’s he had then. I then looked at his full lips.

“Here you go. Signed by the whole band.” Tom smiled. I smiled kindly and said thank you. We then said goodbye and I went to my room.

I entered the room slowly and sat down on the bed. Erin rushed to my side.

“Where in all things holy have you been? We found out the secret to your ‘curse’!” She said. I looked at her with a smile. I couldn’t focus because I had a song running through my head.

I want to love you but I better not touch
I want to hold you but my senses Tell me to stop
I want to kiss you but I want it too Much
I want to taste you but your lips Are venomous poison
Youre poison running through my Veins
Youre poison, I dont want to Break these chains
I hear you calling and its needles And pins
I want to hurt you just to hear you Screaming my name
Dont want to touch you but Youre under my skin
I want to kiss you but your lips Are venomous poison
Youre poison running through my veins
Youre poison, I dont wanna Break these chains

“Dude, that was a beautiful cover. Man! I love that song.” Stephanie said with a smile. Had I sung it out loud? How come I didn’t hear my voice singing? I didn’t hear anyones voice singing!

“Stephanie no! Remember what they told us?” Erin said worriedly.

“Yeah! She’s controlled by music! We can’t encourage this.” Carolyn added.

“Controlled?” I asked.

“Yeah, unfortunatley, you can’t listen to anything until this stops. All the music out there is invading your brain. This curse can kill you if you keep listening to it.” Patrick nodded. I lauhged. How ironic, I thought. Music has always kept me alive and now it’s going to kill me. they took the c.d. away from me and didn’t let me listen to anything the whole day.

That night, Bill came into my room. He layed down beside me gently and was as quiet as a mouse. No one woke up and I smiled slightly. His lips gently collided with mine and I felt a cold sphere of metal embedded in his tongue. He pulled away and there was a burning sensation. At first my lips just tingled a little but after five seconds they felt like they were melting off. I screamed out loud and Bill disapeared. I opened my eyes and sat up to see a green liquid dripping from my lips and on the the sheets. The sheets were burning up quickly and I couldn’t bear the searing of my flesh. I got up and quickly raced to the bathroom to see what was happening. I turned on the cold water taps to be faced with a panicked, paler version of myself. The neon green liquid looked like a bright green candy coating on my lips and was dripping down onto the tiled bathroom floor. I felt like my lips were an open cut and they had salt crushed into them. I screamed outload again at the fire and splashed my face with the cold water. I felt a hand on my back and I looked up to see Patrick.

“What’s wrong?” He asked tiredly. Everyone else was asleep.

“Can’t you see?” I said slowly. It hurt to talk.

“I heard you scream but I don’t see anything wrong.” He said confusedly.

Don’t you know that your toxic?

I looked back up at my reflection and the candy coated poison was gone. The bathroom tile was white, just like before.

“But…but…there was a venom…or something on my lips. Bill…it’s gone,” I tried to piece everything together but I couldn’t.

“Hun, you probably just had a really bad dream.” He said soothingly. I nodded and looked back at my reflection. I was deathly pale.

“Yeah, maybe. I’m just gonna go for a walk or something. Kay?” I asked. He nodded and I walked out to get my shoes. I walked out the door in confusion and noticed someone else leaving the room three doors down. I strained my eyes to see who it was.

“Bill?” I asked in shock.

“Yes?” He answered.

“What are you doing out so late?”

“I had this weird dream that you were there and…my lips burnt up with a toxic green liquid and I woke up and it seemed to be coming from my lips and I really felt it burning.” He shook his head as we walked together.

“I had the same dream. Weird isn’t it?” I smiled. He laughed and stuck his tongue out playfully. And then I saw the cold, metallic stud in his tongue. How had I known about that?
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