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ich bin nich ich

by FallOutGrl 2 reviews

Bill's pov

Category: Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Published: 2007-12-27 - Updated: 2007-12-28 - 305 words

Bill’s POV

In a strange way I knew I couldn’t like her. There was just no way. She was too pretty and just too fragile. But I knew I would have to fix her. Fix her but I couldn’t break her.

She wouldn’t trust men and I knew that. Rette mich. My god, what was the world coming to?

I walked back to my room after dropping her off with another man named Patrick.

Tom was cuddled up to Marisa, Georg was cuddled up to his pillow and Gustav was halfway off the bed. I giggled at this and tunred on my laptop. Typing quickly I wrote to myself about Chelsea. The girl who owned my heart before meeting her. Rubbing my temples I wrote. I wrote about everything. Her pale, pale skin tone. Her cold yet warm honey brown eyes.

I wondered who broke her heart three times.

Somehow I knew it wasn’t just one guy.


I felt a very painful poke in my ribs and I opened my eyes slowly. I looked up at the computer screen. I had obviously fallen asleep on the keyboard yet again and Tom decinded that a brutal smacking over the head would get me up. I groaned and sat up.
“Yes Tom?”
“It’s noon. You should be up now.” He grunted and pulled his dreads through his hat. I looked at him and realized he was still in is boxers. He always had his hat on before anything else. I sighed and closed the laptop.
“Whats up?”
“I can’t stop thinking about her.” I said slowly. He hugged me from behind and got dressed.
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