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The Notebook

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Patrick gives Lucy his notebook with an added surprise inside. Something just for her.

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Lucy woke up to see Pete standing over her looking very sleepy. As her eyes began to focus more clearly on him, she realized he was holding a notebook. It was tattered and torn. A sure sign it had been used regularly for a long time. Lucy sat up and he handed her the notebook.
“For you from Patrick,” he said tiredly, “He’s getting some sleep. So I’m going…” Pete stopped in mid-sentence and a confused expression came over his face. “What was I going to say?” He asked. He rubbed his eyes and looked at Lucy for an answer.
Lucy spoke quietly, “You’re really tired Pete. Head back to the hotel and get some sleep.”
Pete just nodded and walked over to the elevator.
Lucy sighed. Pete was normally so talkative but it seemed like few words could pass out of his mouth. He must be so exhausted. She checked her watch and it read 6:30 in the morning. That had to mean Pete had been awake for about 24 hours. No wonder he looked like he would pass out at any moment. She was about to head after him in case he got confused and didn’t know where he was going but then she realized that he could get a driver to take him back to the hotel. She’d check on him later, make sure he had enough sleep. She also remembered the notebook in her hand. Lucy settled in to the chair and opened it up.
Inside were scribbled notes of ideas for every Fall Out Boy song that had been written and also the music itself. It held every bit of music Patrick had composed. It was his mind written out on paper. An insight to his thoughts and how he wrote music. Every now and then someone else’s writing appeared and she realized it must be Pete’s. He had crossed out lyrics and changed them. She could feel the frustration Patrick and Pete had gone through and the elation when a song had been completed.
The notebook was engrossing, a revealing look into how the music of Fall Out Boy was made. It was also a look into how Patrick’s musical genius worked.
Lucy went through the notebook slowly until she reached the last few pages. Then she stopped. There was a note slipped in between the pages-it was to her from Patrick:

Lucy, the reason why I didn’t come to get you in the hotel was because I was in a studio writing a song. I was going to come and meet you and take you back to the studio to listen to it. But I ended up here. The song, well it’s my alternative to flowers or chocolates. I wrote if for you. Music is my gift and I wanted to give it to you. I might be able to play it later but this is the song on paper for you. Patrick.

Lucy’s heart was racing. Patrick had written a song just for her. It was to Lucy, better than the most expensive roses or chocolates. It showed that she meant a lot to him and that he was romantic and thoughtful. He meant a lot to her too. He was her boyfriend and someone she was falling in love with very fast.
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