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To Chicago...

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Lucy and Patrick share a romantic moment followed by him being discharged from hospital. Then they are on their way to the Chicago!

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Author's note: I'm so sorry I haven't updated for a while. I have been so busy! Fortunately now things have settled down so I might have more time for this story. Yay! Can I please ask for reviews?! I really love them, they make me smile :-) Thanks for reading!

After Lucy had read the notebook and Patrick’s note she began to make her way to his hospital room. She had decided that she had to tell Patrick just how much the present meant to her as well as him. She wasn’t sure how she was going to tell him this, but Lucy was certain that she had to let him know that he was so important and special to her.
She opened the door to Patrick’s room and walked in to see him sitting on the side of his bed. Lucy couldn’t help noticing that he had a lot more color in his cheeks since the accident. His paleness was quickly fading from his face. Patrick smiled as she came in and slowly stood up as she walked over to him.
“The present…Patrick it was the best gift ever.” Lucy said quickly.
Patrick managed a quick smile before Lucy’s lips crashed into his. Without any thought whatsoever, she had leant forward and kissed him passionately on the mouth. Patrick returned the kiss quickly as she wrapped her arms around his neck. They kissed again almost breathlessly but Patrick managed to say something quickly, “You haven’t heard the real song yet.”
Lucy kissed him once again before saying, “I haven’t but I don’t even need the real thing to know how special you are Patrick.”
Patrick simply kissed her back.

An hour or two later, Lucy and Patrick were walking out of the hospital holding hands. Patrick had been waiting for this moment. The moment of finally being discharged from hospital and getting back into the world. He wanted to straight away continue the tour Fall Out Boy were on, but the doctor at the hospital had convinced him that he would have to have at least one week off before getting back up on stage again. Normally he would have been depressed about this, but Patrick was lucky though, he had someone who could straight away take his mind off the tour. He had Lucy.
They got into a limousine that was waiting for them to see Pete, Joe and Andy in there. Pete greeted both Lucy and Patrick with a hug and Patrick was happy that his best friend was getting along with his girlfriend. The limousine drove off with the five of them intensely talking. Patrick had so much stuff to catch up on. Lots of things had happened with the band while he was in hospital. He listened to what the four guys had to say while he placed his arm around Lucy and she leant into his shoulder.

After Patrick had heard all the news and the guys had moved onto another topic, he whispered to Lucy, “Has Pete told you where we’re going?”
Lucy shook her head indicating a ‘no.’
Patrick grinned at this, “I asked him to tell you!”
Lucy laughed, “Since meeting you I seem to be getting lots of surprises for a change.”
“It’s all my pleasure,” Patrick said in a pretend posh voice.
He got a giggle from Lucy, “So where are we going then?”
“We’re going home. Chicago. Ever been there?”
“No I haven’t. Where would be staying then?”
“Well…my house? Or if you’re not comfortable with that I can get you in a hotel nearby.”
“Would I be welcomed at your house?” Lucy asked jokingly,
“Well in that case I’ll stay with you.”
Patrick nodded, “I’m glad you said that.”
“I couldn’t have said anything else.”
Patrick kissed Lucy on the forehead and then she snuggled into him for the rest of the car trip to the airport.
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