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Horror flicks.

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As soon as Itachi was no longer touching Brook's skin, she struggled against him half-heartedly. She knew she wasn't going to be hurt by him. He wasn't supposed to hurt her unless it was completely necessary. Which, unless he put her on her feet, wasn't going to happen.

So, she decided to quit wasting her energy and relish every moment she got to spend alive. She wasn't sure how many she had left. Her mind wandered to every person she had hurt by leaving. Kakashi stood out in her mind so prominently in physically hurt her.

When her body started to shake with sobs underneath him, Itachi tried to win her trust by holding her close to his body and making his hold on her slightly tighter. Her hands moved quickly behind his neck, making hand signs that were second nature to her.

She was a great actress, Miss Brook Storm. Her mind was moving a mile a minute, but her hands made the signs for a simple Substitution Jutsu.

As she went to make the last sign, a sharp jolt of pain came from his hand, which had moved to her back. She flinched, but it was a minute movement.

"I don't think so." Itachi whispered in her ear, dodging trees around him as he ran to his home.

Brook immediately calmed down, for reasons she couldn't understand. His hand was on the part of her back where Konan had ripped a hole in her shirt, gently massaging her back.

Konan watched this child, for that's how she thought of Brook, pull herself closer to the man she loved. She wanted to kill her, wanted her to die, but the wrath of Roland Storm was a little bit much for her. Scared her to death, actually. Still, the Brook-dead thing, was highly appealing to her.

Kisame and Sasori watched Itachi's mastery of making false love between a women and himself. Kisame had no interest in love, neither did Sasori. But watching him was like a good horror flick. The bad guy massacures his entire family, comes back five years later, makes the good girl fall in love with him, leaves her alone, then five years later, comes back to take what he has no right to.

Yeah, a good horror film.

"How does he do that? It's insanity." Kisame whispered to Sasori.

"Why does he do it is a better question." He said back quietly, watching Itachi with thoughtful puppet eyes. Kisame watched him warily.

Brook merely wanted to be rid of him, to just forget him completely. his presence alone killed her, nonetheless the fact that he was making all the memories of himself stand out in her mind and heart. She wanted his hands off her, but the warmth of his familiar hand was intoxicating.

His calloused fingers moved gently across something she didn't know was there. The scar from where the Nine-Tailed Fox's blood was injected into her. He felt the shiver run through her that had nothing to do with temperature.

"I can walk you know," She said up at him, her legs were falling asleep.

"I am aware of that," He replied, his eyes staying on the area in fron of him. "But we're almost there. You can wait."

"I really can't. Let me walk." She whined up at him.

"I'm not allowed."

"As if you would actually let me." She scowled up at him. She atempted to cross her arms to pout, but grabbed around his neck again when he suddenly jumped out of the trees and into the air.

She clung to him and he smiled. When Konan glared at him, he laughed out loud. It was a beautiful sound to Brook, if she would have heard it. She was captivated by the large house they were approaching.

It was insanely familiar to her, considering she had been there only once in her life.

And then, she was on the ground again, Itachi getnly setting her on her feet.

"Can you make it look like we didn't have to take you?" Itachi whispered in her ear.

"Nope." She said.

He handed her a roll of bandages. When she looked at him, puzzled, he said, "You're bleeding. Cover it." He gestured toward her arm. "If there is so much of a scratch on you, I'm going to pay for it."

She obliged and dressed her shallow wound. Blood was still sliding down her arm and she wasn't new to this, so she mopped up the blood and left the dried stuff. She handed the rest of the bandage back.

"Any last requests?" He asked her.

"Let me go home?"

"You are home," The four Akatsuki members said together.

Itachi gently pushed forward his hand still on the small of her back. He swung her around and his lips hovered over her's.

"Try it. I dare you." She said acidicly.

"I accept your dare." He kissed her, then her fist collided with the side of his face, hitting him hard enough to make him stumble backwards. A bruise was already forming on his cheek.

"I warned you." She said, walking in the direction he had pushed her before.

She faced her father for the second time. She wasn't scared now, merely angry.

"Brook, my dear daughter." He said, his voice was mock care.

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