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Welcome Back.

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The two remaining Storms faced eachother, Brook alone while the other people crossed to the other side.

"Darling," Roland said in fake welcome, opening his arms as if he thought that would be good enough for her.

"Ass." She said with acid.

His expression as he nodded at her to Itachi. He was behind her in an instant, pulling her hand up sharply behind her. Pain exploded in her arm, but her expression didn't change other than the smile that appeared on her lips.

Itachi was quicker. He knew physical pain wasn't really an obstacle to her. He placed his warm hand on her exposed back, making her remember the most painful memories he could find within her.

He found but one. It killed her.

The memory killed two birds with one stone. She could feel every aspect of it. His lips, his hands, the heat of his body. Kakashi's voice tore at her heart. His lips were cold as ice. His hands rough and unwelcome. The heat overwhelming.

She fell forward, Itachi letting her hand go but grabbing her shirt and tearing it as she fell.

Brook lay in the cold, wet grass as her father came to her and touched the small circle or a scar on her lower back. Goosebumps erupted all over her body.

"That was the last time I ever saw you. That night when you were born." Roland said reminicing, "When Sarutobi had brought you back from the dead."

A small growl came from Brook's throat as she was overwhelmed with hatrid toward this man.

His hand moved off her back and was replaced by a warmer, more familiar hand. Two, actually. Itachi tried to gently pick her up, but she rolled away quickly. She stopped up on her knees, hugging her sides against the drizzle and wind that started up.

"Twenty minutes ago," Itachi stated, standing up, "You trusted me completely."

"Twenty minutes is a lifetime," She said standing. His expression hardened. "Twenty minutes ago, you were manipulating my feelings to make it easier to take me. I've never really trusted you."

He was less than an inch from her face, and his hand was on her stomach. She smiled at the triumphant sneer on his face as his technique failed.

"We all have our Limits." She sent him flying into a tree with a punch with the last word.

Itachi ran at her as her eyes turned to deadly red, the same shade of his, and the same ablity.

Konan was the one to step between them, stopping Itachi, who, for the first time almost ever, had lost his temper.

"I don't think we need that." She said to Itachi.

"Why don't we go inside?" Sasori said.

Brook and Itachi stayed staring at eachother and were the last ones to walk into the house.

Brook stood, half naked, in the foyer of the house. Itachi gave her his black and red robe, which she draped around her shoulders. They walked into a dining room where the other members of the Akatsuki where already sitting. Everyone took their rightful spots and Brook leaned on a wall behind Kisame, her hair dripping from the rain outside. Hidan watched her curiously. His eyes made her paranoid.

Itachi walked over to her and took his robe back, muttering a sorry.

Hidan watched her more intently now.

So there she stood, half-naked, with the ten most dangerous ninja in the world staring at her.

Her face stayed composed, but a shiver gave her away.

"Itachi," Roland said, very interested with his fork, "Why don't you take Brook to your room and give her something warmer to change into."

"Yes, sir." Itachi said. Brook dropped her jaw. Since when does Itachi address leaders formally?

Brook followed Itachi up to his room, which, of course, was on the top floor.

He held the door for her and closed it when he walked in behind her.

"You want jeans, I'm guessing?" He said, walking to his closet.


He threw a pair in her general direction, which she caught on the fly. The zipper cut her hand and she dropped the pants and put her mouth to the bleeding cut.

He chuckled quietly, "You get hurt often, don't you? Come in here," He walked into a large bathroom for only one person. He turned on cold water, knowing her preferance. He gently took her hand and ran it under the cold water, cleaning the wound better than she would have. When he got evil-looking antiseptic out of the cupboard, she pulled her hand away sharply.

He laughed quietly. "It doen't hirt that bad. Give me your hand."

"It's peroxide! That hurts the worst!"

He sighed and then took her hand and held it over the sink. He poured the peroxide onto her cut, her yelling at him.

"All better." He said putting a bandage on her hand.

When her fingers gently closed around his, he was surprised. He hadn't expected that of all things.

She took a step towards him. "Hey," She whispered.

"Hey," He breathed.

He put his hands on her waist, exactly where she wanted them to be. She stepped closer to him again, her body touching his now.

She kissed him then, differently than when she kissed Kakashi. Kakashi was still relatively new to her, but Itachi was there as far back as she could remember. And she had a pretty good memory.

Itachi moved her against the cold tile wall, his hands staying still. Brook's hands moved from his shoulders to his neck to the back of his head, tangling her fingers in his hair, pulling him closer. He let her set the rythm for him, her tongue doing most of the work for him.

A gentle tug on his hair changed that. He could tell what she wanted so easily, he set a new pace, different than what she was used to. He sucked on her lower lip, biting her gently, making her pull him closer.

He pulled her away from the wall and out of the bathroom. The two of them collapsed on the bed, Itachi laying on top of her. She pulled his shirt off, and he rolled so she was laying on him.

She pulled away from him and his cheeks were red from lack of oxygen. As were hers. She took deep breaths in time with his.

"Mood swing much?" He said, playing with a stray strand of her hair.

"I can't let anyone know that I'm going to enjoy being here." She laughed. She kissed him again.

Kakashi sat at home, having nightmares of this happening.

Ironic, the fact that Itachi can project things happening into someone's head.
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