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Chapter One

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Chapter One

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"Izzy?" Bill laid against his best friend turner lover, late at night one warm summer night after the two had made love in Izzy's bed.

"Hm?" Izzy responded, gently petting Bill's hair.

"I love you."

"I love you too." Izzy pressed his lips to Bill's.

"Never leave me." Izzy saw the sheer vulnerability, fear, and love in Bill's eyes.

"I won't." He kissed Bill again, gently, lovingly.


Izzy hesitated, but didn't show it to Bill. "I promise." He sealed his lips to Bill's once again.


The rest of the summer passed rather plainly, just hanging out, making music, making love, and enjoying life. Izzy had finished High School and Bill had dropped out, and in fall the two were planning to maybe move in together.

All that changed early in September, when the very first leaves began to appear, and a cool breeze blew, and it for once, wasn't humid. Bill wandered down the street to Izzy's, and as he walked up to Izzy's home, he saw something odd. Izzy's car was all packed up. He quickly headed upstairs to Izzy's room, stopping in shock at what he saw. Izzy's room was virtually bare, and Izzy was standing with his back to the door, packing up a box.

"Izzy?" Bill whispered.

Izzy froze and turned. "Bill, I'm sorry."

"No, can't leave! Please, Izzy! Don't go!" He threw his arms around Izzy, sobbing. Of course, the two had talked about going to LA together, but no way would Izzy ever just up and leave, leaving him behind. "Please!" Bill begged as Izzy held him close, whispering apologies to him.

"Bill, I'm so sorry, I love you, but I have to leave."

Bill broke away and glared at him. "You promised. You promised you'd never leave me. I thought you loved me!"

"Bill, I do, I just...Aaah!" He placed his hand to his face where Bill punched him, before running out the door, leaving Izzy standing in his room with a sore cheekbone, feeling like a piece of shit.
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