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Chapter Three

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Chapter Three

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A week had passed since Bill had thrown Izzy out, and even though he missed him, he didn't dare even admit it to himself. It was now late September, the leaves were becoming vibrant and beautiful, and the wind whispered the cool crispness of fall.

Bill was lying on his bed, flipping through a photo album. It was filled with pictures of him and Izzy, their arms around each others shoulders or even hugging in a few, and some of just Izzy, smiling softly in his sweet gentle way. Reaching the back of the album, he paused. It was a picture taken just a few months ago at an end of school party. It had been taken when everyone was drunk and happy. In the picture, Bill was laughing, a huge smile across his face, his happy eyes looking to the side at Izzy who was playfully kissing his cheek, with his arms around Bill.

A tear hit the photo. It took a second for Bill to recognize it as his own. He pushed the album away to prevent further damage to the photo. He placed his face into his hands and sobbed.

He soon heard a soft, hesitant knock on the door. It was opened and his grandmother poked her head in. Normally, Bill would have screamed, cursed, yelled, and thrown things, but all he could do was turn his head to her and cast her a silent plea with his eyes to leave him alone. Instead, she entered the room and shut the door, sitting on the bed beside Bill and gently rubbing his back. He buried his face in his pillow and sobbed, his body trembling.

"Bill, I really don't mean to make you feel worse then you already do, but you were a fool to push that boy away." Bill quieted and she continued. "Granted, he may have done some things wrong too, but we all make mistakes, and as I'm sure you already know, you made a huge one. Jeff loves you so much." She paused for a moment. "And I know you love him too, or else you wouldn't be reacting like this."

"How did you know...? We were so careful with everything, we..." She cut him off.

"Bill, I don't think there was a time I saw Jeff without his eyes full of love for you. He cares for you so much."

"You're not mad about us know?" He asked hesitantly/

"We are who we are, and if you and Jeff are happy together, you have my blessing." Bill was quiet, thinking about everything she had said. "Go find him, and tell him you love him." Bill nodded. He stood up and kissed her on the cheek.

"Thank you." he whispered sincerely.

"Anytime." She smiled.

Bill dashed out of the house and down the street to Izzy's. He slowed as he approached, noticing Izzy's car was missing. He walked up to the door and knocked. Izzy's mother answered. "Oh, hi Bill." She sounded a little upset and rather surprised.

"Um, is Izzy...?" He couldn't finish. He already had a feeling what the answer was but he could still hope...

"Bill, Jeff left yesterday. I'm rather surprised he didn't tell you."

"We..." He couldn't tell Mrs. Isbell what really happened."...had a bad argument."

"Oh dear. Well, I wish I could give you an address or phone number, but he didn't even tell me."

"It's alright." He had to keep himself from crying in front of Izzy's mother. "Could I go up to his room for a minute?"

"Of course." She moved aside and let him in. He quickly went upstairs. He went down the hall to Izzy's room and pushed the door open. It was virtually empty. Only the bookcase, bed, dresser, and desk remained. But everything else, everything that made it Izzy's was gone.

Izzy was gone, and Bill had never felt worse. He knelt by the bed, the bed that he and Izzy had made love on countless times, folded his arms, buried his face in them and wept.
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