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Chapter Five

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Chapter Five

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A few hours later found Bill and Izzy on their couch, Bill lying with his head on Izzy's lap, pretending to be asleep, while Izzy ran his fingers through Bill's soft red hair. He always loved Izzy petting him and they usually talked but Bill didn't feel like it. He just couldn't put his finger on what didn't feel right. It was nothing physical; lying here with Izzy's fingers running through his hair, or even making love last night, felt perfectly right. He loved Izzy, and there wasn't a doubt in his mind that Izzy loved and cared about him, but still something deeper, nagged at him.

Soon, Bill heard the door open. "Hey Izz." a familiar voice whispered.

"Hey Chris." Izzy answered just as quietly, his hand stopping its rhythmic petting and rested on his arm.

"Brought your guitar, you want me to put it somewhere for ya?"

"Just back in the bedroom, set it on the bed or something." Bill had to do everything he could to keep from tensing up at that statement. Izzy's hand gently rubbed along his arm and he relaxed until he heard Chris's voice again.

"So, how're you?" Bill carefully, just barely cracked one eye open, just enough to see Chris sitting on the floor in front of Izzy.

"Pretty good." Izzy sounded almost sad.

"What's wrong? Are you and Bill not getting along?"

"No, things are going great. I just still feel crappy about what I did to him, I hope he isn't still too upset about it." Izzy's hand stroked the hair away from Bill's face, before gently stroking the soft skin of Bill's cheek.

"I think he'll be fine, you may have made a mistake but everybody does Izz, just, you know, love him, care for him, make him happy, it'll be okay."

"I can hope it'll be. I don't want to lose him, he means everything to me. I don't know what I'd do if..." Bill could hear Izzy's voice tightening.

"Hey, hey, don't think about it, everything'll be okay." He felt Izzy shift and hesitantly peeked up to see Izzy wrap his free arm around Chris who was hugging Izzy in a caring, brotherly way. "It'll be alright." Izzy buried his face in Chris's shoulder, his shoulders shaking as he cried. "It's okay." Chris hugged him tightly, his hand rubbing up and down Izzy's back.

Bill decided not to "wake up" at this moment. He had first thought to pretend to just be waking up, as he didn't want Chris too close to his lover, but seeing the two friends like this, he decided to leave it be, Izzy needed Chris, that was now clear; but even though he knew the blond would never, ever, come between them, a small flame of anger and jealousy flamed up inside him.

Izzy's sobs finally calmed and Chris held him tighter for a few seconds before releasing him and going into the kitchen as Izzy rubbed at his eyes. Bill closed his eyes as it would be best not to let Izzy see he was awake.

"Here." Came Chris's soft voice. He heard a paper towel tear.

"Thanks." Izzy murmured quietly. He heard a bit of sniffling and nose blowing.


"Yeah, thank you."

"Anytime, Izz. So, you said things have been going well with Bill?" Chris was trying to get Izzy back to a happier topic.

"Yeah, it's wonderful to have him back." Bill could hear the smile in Izzy's voice and he felt more at peace. "He's so wonderful, just so...I don't even know how to describe it, just, wonderful." Izzy's gentle hand stroked his hair and face softly.

"And am I allowed to ask what you two have been up to?" They shared a laugh.

"Yeah, we talked, cuddled and kissed some today, had instant noodles for lunch and for the past two hours he's been napping. Last night, we, well, I'm sure you know what we were up to." Chris gave a soft laugh. "What?"

"You're blushing, Izz."

"I am?"


"Shit. Just...I feel horrible wanting so say the details but it was incredible, best love making we've ever had, and just, God it was just incredible!"

"I'm glad you two are having fun." They were giggling like kids, almost like he and Izzy used to, and Bill felt another little flame of anger and jealousy. "Anyways, I need to head out now, can you make the gig tomorrow, cause I might be able to cancel it if you wanna stay with Bill--"

"No, no. I can make it tomorrow night, Bill might actually enjoy seeing the show, and I need the money." This was new, Izzy had never said anything about money. Bill knew Izzy wasn't anything even remotely like rich, but he had thought Izzy was at least financially stable.

"Izz, if you ever need somewhere to stay, my parent's--"

"No, Chris, it's fine, I've been working on getting a second job and--" This was new, Bill had never heard them like this, almost arguing.

"Izz, just think about it. My parents have said you're always welcome and they certainly wouldn't mind Bill around."

"I'm fairly certain they'd mind Bill and I being lovers." Chris was quiet. "I'd rather struggle with money and stay with Bill than be financially secure and not have him." Chris was quiet for a few seconds.

"Okay, but please, at least keep my offer in mind for emergencies, I'll always do my best to help you two, Izz."

"I know. Thank you."

"Of course. I'll see you tomorrow, take care."

"Thank you. Bye." there was a few seconds of quiet, likely while they shared a hug before footsteps crossed the floor and the door opened and closed. Izzy gave a sigh and leaned back on the couch, his fingers tangling in Bill's hair once again.
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