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Deadman's Hand

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Kacey Johnson is 14 & an aspiring forensics scientist whose parents have been killed almost a year apart. Several of Gil Grissom's CSIs befriend her as she helps solve both cases and get the justic...

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August 25,2006

The Johnson Home Kitchen; 4:00 p.m.

“Ugh. Emmy please?”Kacey Johnson asked her little sister.

“Nuh uh,” three year-old Emmy replied pushing the spoon of oatmeal away with her little fist balled up.

“Ugh, your going to be the death of me,”Kacey sighed as she picked up her ham sandwich and took a bite.

Emmy ,being a toddler took advantage of the moment and took the spoon full of oatmeal and flung it. In turn the sticky brown sugar concoction got stuck in her sister’s brown tresses. This contact issued another sigh from Kacey.

“Thank you very much Em,” Kacey said,” Come on. Now I need to wash my hair.”

Kacey picked up her sister off of the bar and sat her at the nearby table. Turning Kacey turned the kitchen faucet on and began to wash the oatmeal out of her hair. Shortly she was done and began to towel dry her long brown hair with acid green highlights. Putting down the towel she began to put her shirt back on and just as she had the phone rang.

Kacey walked over to the wall and took the receiver off the hook.


“Hey Kace, this is momma.”

“Hey momma, where are you at?”

“A little over a half hour from home. That doesn;t matter. I want you to take your sister upstairs and pack some bags of clothes. Then I want you to go to your grandparents and stay there.”


“Do it Kacey.”

Kacey took the phone away from her ear and started at it before placing it back on the apparatus.

“Emmy, come on. We’re taking a trip to mawmaw and pawpaw’s.”

Emmy looked up from the picture she was coloring and smiled.

“Look,” the child said pointing to the picture.

“Yes Em, that’s a very pretty picture and now we need to go.”

The three year old raised her arms as her older sister picked her up and they headed up stairs.

Shortly after that Kacey could be seen pulling a Little Tykes wagon bearing her sister and three duffel bags of clothes, neccesities, and toys while Kacey herself carried two messanger bags.

“Ok, M&M we’re almost there,” Kacey assured as she pulled the wagon down the street of the cul-ve-sac and up the drive way of her grandparents. As the two of them neared the front door their grand parents Eleanor and Cale Johnson stood waiting for them.

“Here Cale you get their bags and I’ll get the baby. Kacey? Kacey where are you going,” Eleanor Johnson asked as her eldest granddaughter began to run down the driveway.

“To spy,” was the reply as Kacey ran back down to her house with a messanger bag full of her forensic items.

As Kacey neared her house she heard what sounded like two SUVs. Hurriedly she crossed the street oppostite her house and climbed the huge tree there scaling it. Quickly finding a partially open space she positioned herself with her high resolution camera.

Just as she had gotten herself positioned two black Durango’s pulled into the Johnson’s driveway. The first one Kacey recognized as her mom’s 2003 model. The other one she couldn’t recognize but noticed it was a new model,

“Most likely a 2005 model,” she thought.

She also noticed a huge dent in the back. As soon as she noticed the dent she saw her mom get out of the SUV and run for the door. But before her mom could get to it a tall man dressed in all black caught up with her and caught her wrist.

Kacey couldn’t hear her mom’s side of the conversation but she could clearly hear the man’s.

“Give me the money Lacey. I know he told you about it and that you have it. What? You know that is the same exact attitude RJ had but you see where it got him. Ok but if I were you I’d watch my back because the same could happen to you. Threat? No it’s not a threat. It’s a warning, Do I know who did it? No but the story was all over the news wasn’t it.. Why it happened.”

And with that the mystery man got back into the Durango. As he backed out of the driveway he skidded in the mud and sped down the street. Lacey Johnson looked around to see if anyone heard and the let herself into the house.

Kacey jumped down from the tree and ran to her house. Pulling her ruler out of the messanger bag she carried she put it next to the muddy foot print that belonged to the mystery man and took a picture of it. Next she took herself over to the skid marks and took a picture of it too. Satisfied with that and after looking around for any evidence there might be she ran back to her grandparents just as the sun was starting to sink in the Las Vegas sky.
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