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Fatal Repeat

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Uh oh, it's happened again.

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September 25, 2006 ; 3:30 p.m.

Kacey Johnson was a normal freshman on that day. She sat on the school bus talking with friends about teachers, homework and hot guys. It was a normal day. Or so she thought. As the bus driver was nearing her grandparents house one of the kids near the front got everyone’s attention.

“Look up there at Kacey’s house. I wonder what’s happening?”

Kacey looked up and as she did her eyes got wide with fear. Her front yard was outlined with yellow crime scene tape, was full of police cars and people in different uniforms, and there in the middle of the yard next to an ambulance was a female body not moving.

The bus driver let Kacey out several feet before her house and she ran towards the yard. As she ran up the driveway she ducked under the tape. And as soon as she had Detective Jim Brass stopped her.

“I’m sorry miss but you’ll have to leave.”

“Please sir. That’s my mom. Lacey Johnson,” Kacey replied as she fought back tears and looked around, “ Where’s Emmy?”

The nearest CSI, Gil Grissom, looked up from what he was doing and cocked his eyebrow.


“My baby sister. Where is she?” Kacey informed them , starting to get worried. Kacey looked around a second before dropping her bag.

“Emmy,” Kacey called as she began walking towards the open front door. Her steady gait soon turned into a jog and then finally an all out run. As she neared the door a police officer tried to stop her but she brushed him off.

Running into the house Kacey started calling for her sister again.

“Emmy?! Emmy?!”

On a whim she ran up the stairs and into Emmy’s room. Once inside Kacey heard a whimper from under a blanket in the corner of the room.

“Emmy,” she said softly.

Slowly the blanket lifted and Emmy came into view her brown eyes wide and tears running down her cheeks.

“Kay Kay,” the three year-old replied.

Getting up off of the floor she ran over to her sister with a teddy bear in her hand.

“Oh, shhh. Baby it’s ok. Shhh, it’s gonna be-“ Kacey broke off as she felt a hand on her shoulder. Turning around she looked up into the brown eyes of the man who would become her best friend, CSI level 1 Greg Sanders.
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