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CSI Wannabe

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Kacey meets Greg, a friendship begins.

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September 25,2006 ; 4:00 p.m.

The Johnson Family Front Yard

“Miss, you-“ Greg started.

“Kacey. My name’s Kacey.”

“Um ok, Kacey, you need to come back down stairs. Your not supposed to be up here,” Greg said.

Kacey just stared at him.

“Who are you,” she asked?

“Oh uh yeah sorry. My name is Greg Sanders. I’m a CSI.”

“Ah, what level?” Kacey asked genuinely interested.

“Um, 1.”

“Cool,” she said as she followed Greg outside while carrying Emmy.

Once they were outside Greg took Kacey over to Grissom.

“Uh, hey Grissom. Here she is.”

Gil Grissom turned around and looked at the teenager over his glasses.


“Kacey,” Greg interrupted.

“Who,” Grissom asked?

“That’s her name, Kacey,” Greg said.

“Ok, Kacey. You really shouldn’t be in the house,” Gil stated.

Kacey’s eyebrows shot up.

“Well I wouldn’t have had to go in the house if someone had gotten my sister. Or did anyone not know? And what happened to my mom?”

“Well we think she was hit in the head with something extremely heavy and there are several contusions and lacerations on her face and body which would be-”

“Blunt force trauma,” Kacey finished, “a type of physical trauma caused to a body part. Either by impact, injury, or a physical attack.”

This information startled the older man. Not because he didn’t know what it was, of course he knew what it was, but that it came from a teenager.

“Um yes. There are also some bruises on her abdomen and chest.”

“Hey Gris, found this thrown off to the side,” Nick Stokes held up a large book that had blood spatters on it, “It’s either the muder weapon or one of them.”

“Hey, that’s my Harry Potter book,” Kacey said looking at the book the younger CSI was holding.

“Um, hi,” Nick said noticing the teen and her sister. Handing the book to Gil he offered his hand to Kacey.

“Nick Stokes ,CSI. And you’re the pretty young woman in those pictures on the mantle,” he said with a friendly smile.

Smiling back at him Kacey shook his hand, “Thank you and my name is Kacey and this is my little sister Emmy.”

“Well hey there little darlin,” Nick said smiling at the toddler.

In response Emmy smiled.

“Well Grissom, there are definitly signs of a struggle. Broken lamp, scattered papers on the coffee table and there seems to be some empty spots on the mantle,” Nick said focusing back on the task at hand.

“Hmmm. Kacey would you go back into the house with Nick to see if there is anything missing,” Grissom said to the teen.

She nodded and was about to follow Nick when Greg took Emmy out of her arms.

“What are you doing,” Kacey asked?

“Paramedics want to check her out,” the CSI replied.

Emmy looked up at the man holding her and then at her sister and began to pout.

“Mommy no move. Kay Kay. Mmm. Why? She sleeping?”

Choking back some tears Kacey nodded.

“Yeah she’s sleeping.”

Turning around she followed CSI Stokes into her house.
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