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Prom night was the funnest night I had had in years. Kris picked me up in the car his father rented and took me out to dinner just me and him. He was sweet, held the door open for me, pulled the chair out for me and told me I looked beautiful.
During the dance we spent most of our time on the dancefloor, taking pictures with friends and just having a good time.
He was the best date I had ever had, and I couldn't have been happier that he was here with me.
" I've liked you for a long time..Did you know that?" he asked as we slowly revolved on the dance floor. I shook my head and looked into his eyes. Gosh I loved those eyes. So sincere and full of love, life, and laughter.
" Ya... remember when I broke up with Carey..remember her?" ya I remembered. She was that little bitch that lived down my street. We used to be friends and I set her up with Kris in the eighth grade. She was his first kiss...if you didn't count the one we had in the first grade, but that was a long time ago. Anyway, she broke his heart when she dumped him to go out with some high-school burn out. I was there for him and beat her up with help from Jana and Sav. She moved a couple months after that.
" Well that's when I started to like for real. You and I really became close after that." he smiled that genuine smile.
" Then you started to talk to that guy...what was his name? Bret?" no. Please don't bring him up. Please don't let me remember him. Everything's perfect. Everything's going great.
" Brendon." I whispered. I didn't want to think about him. Not now.
" Ya..that guy. I thought I lost you for while. I even went on a few dates, but then we started to talk again...and here you are. My beautiful girlfriend." he pressed his lips to my forehead and I felt sick. Because he was here. He just walked in and he's staring at me.
I pull a little away from Kris. He looks at me curiously and follows my gaze.
Brendon's eyes are locked with mine and he looks...amused? No...sad? I can't tell, the lights are dim and he's too far away. Across the ballroom I see him shake his head and smile. He's gone, he left a bouquet of flowers on the chair. I look at Kris for a second and he nods his head sadly. He knows I have to do this.
I hike up my dress and chase after Brendon but not before I grab the roses.
I leave the hotel where our prom is taking place and walk onto the busy street. I look up and down the sidewalk and spot a familiar head weaving through the crowd. He's not far off. I take off my heels and chase after him. I hear a rip as my legs carry me as fast as they can. I know my dress has been torn, but I need to talk to him.
For a moment I stop, I can't see him, but soon spot him crossing the street.
" Brendon!" he doesn't hear me. I bite my lip and cross the street dodging cars. Thunder rumbles omniously as I spot him less than twenty feet away from me. He's heading towards a parking lot.
" Brendon!" I call out again. He's already in the lot and I'm barely crossing the street.
There's no one but me and him in the lot now. He can't ignore me, I'm barely ten feet away.
" Brendon!" I say breathlessly. He turns and spots me.
" Good job Dee." he says giving me the thumbs up. I look at him confused.
" What are you talking about?"
" I saw you and that guy. You two looked awfully close. More than just friends if you ask me." lightning flashed across the sky momentarily highlighting Brendon's angry features.
" You don't understand." he throws his head back to laugh.
" Understand? What is there to understand Dee?! You've already moved on like I said you would. I told you all this time that you would forget about me.. I was just stupid enough to hope you wouldn't." light sprinkles started to fall. I looked down at my dress to see them imprinting it with it's gentle pitter patter.
" You left me Brendon! You moved to the other side of the country. You stopped calling, you stopped trying to keep in touch. What was I supposed to do?! We never went out, you never told me how you truely felt! Was I supposed to just wait around for you, hoping that you would call? I did that for a long time. Too long." the rain was coming down harder. I walked between the cars that seperated him and me. I glanced at myself through a tinted window and saw my mascara smudged across my cheeks , my hair soaked and attached to my skin.
" I love you Brendon. You know I do. But I don't know you...I don't know you at all...You just leave me hanging everytime we get a little closer. You just leave me behind..." he can't see my crying with the rain, but I know he knows.
" Dylan." he took a deep breath. " Everytime I hang up with you I want to tell you how I feel. I want to tell you everything. But you know I lost all my trust for everyone after-"
" I know you did Bren, but how can you expect to have someone be there for you when you don't even trust them enough for you to be there for them?" he bit his lip and nodded looking down at the puddles forming around our feet. His shirt was soaked through. I looked at the bouquet of roses in my hand.
" Why'd you show up?" he shook his head still staring at the floor. When he looked up I saw a pain in his face I had never seen before.
" Last year, before I left, before I even knew I was going anywhere I promised I would come to your prom. I promised I'd be your date. I promised something. I don't do promises often, you know that, but when I do I keep them." he shook his head. " But it's all over now isn't it. It's been too long and we screwed up." he started to turn around.
" I love you Brendon!" I shout. He stops. " I love you and I don't care who knows it!" he turns around and before I know it runs to me, lifts me into the air and smashes his lips against mine. The rain is coming down harder than before, almost like a constand shower that follows you everywhere.
" I love you too Dylan. I love you." that's all I wanted to hear. That's all I needed to hear.
" Dylan...are you okay?" my heart is pumping fast. I can see Brendon looking around the ballroom. His eyes searching for something he can't see. Kris and I are sitting with Jana and Keith. Brendon can't see me. He won't look this way.
" Ya I'm fine." I say after giving him a reassuring smile and a glance.
" Good. Keith and I are gunna get something to drink for us, we'll be back." he kisses me on the cheek, my eyes are still on Brendon.
Jana announces she has to go to the bathroom. I'm alone now in a room full of people.
Brendon sets down the flowers on a chair near the door. I stand up and swallow. I look around and see Kris with Keith along with some other guys laughing about something. Jana's no where to be seen. I weave through the crowd of people and reach the flowers. I lift them up and pick out the card within them.
" I promised." are the words written. A small smile reaches my lips. I open the double doors and I can see him walk out of the hotel. He turns back and sees me. He hesitates. He wants to come back but I shake my head. He nods his slowly and walks away, hands in his pockets.
I knew all along that whatever was between us wouldn't work out. I knew it was powerful and if what we had was used it would have been burned like a love that no one had ever felt before.
But sometimes the ending we want doesn't turn out like it should. Whether it be kissing the boy of your dreams in the rain while declaring your love, or simpling talking to that boy you've had feelings for for ages.
" Hey...what're you doing over here?" and as Kris wrapped his arms around me my heart fell and struggled to soar. Right now I felt I had made the wrong decision, but with time I wouldn't regret it but enjoy it. Kris may not have been the one from the beginning, but he's here in the end. Even as we walk back to our seats, a small feeling of hope enters me as I feel that familiar vibration coming from my purse.

i really like this story
because of it's ending.
i enjoyed writing it
because i put alot
of me into Dylan.
thanks for reading and reviewing :)
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