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based on a true event. poem narrating the thoughts of a girl who loved a boy so much. too much, that she took her own life.

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I'm lonely here without you
And I couldn't take the pain
You left but took a part of me
And that's driving me insane

I couldn't take it anymore
I wanted to end it all
It seemed to kill me, just your words
My tears starting to fall

I decided something then
And I knew just what to do
As I stood on the tree outside your house
I felt ready but scared too

I wanted to know what you would do
If ever I tried such a thing
I wanted to see your face, your hurt
And the tears of guilt it'll bring

Fear suddenly gripped my heart
My shaking hands send the text
I said to you look out your window
You could guess what happened next

The line of death close to my reach
Memories flashing before me
Guilt and regret forever in my heart
Loved ones I'll never see

Family and friends all affected
Classmates cry and cry
Close friends all felt helpless
Coz they didn't know I'd die

I prayed to God to forgive me
Coz what I did was wrong
I knew it then and I know it now
But my faith wasn't that strong

But right then and there I felt it's right
The thing I thought about
I said life's not worth living
I was stupid then, no doubt

I'm sorry I resorted to that
I just felt alone and lost
I took my life, died in my hands
I didn't know the cost

Loving you is what brought me here
Your face I longed to touch
But don't feel guilty; it's not your fault
I just loved you all too much

I know most people think I'm stupid
To kill myself- I am
I know that now, but please don't judge me
Coz I didn't know that then

Most people think I'll go to hell
Some think God'll forgive
I'm just praying to go to heaven
His love is why I lived

I repented, did you not know
Moments before my death
I said my sorrys to our Lord
Just in my last breath

I want to say goodbye to all
I'm now flying free above
But I just wanted you all to know
That I lived and died for love
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