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The Show

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You wouldn't think an MCR concert could change you life...mine did

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Disclaimer: Yeah i don't own the MCR guys, no matter how hard i wish it

Chapter 3: The Show

Ok, this was not good, my feet were already hurting and the support band wasn’t even playing yet.
“Well we can go to back if you want?” Amy suggested after I told her.
“Are you mad! The back! At an MCR concert! Your fucking crazy woman!”
“Okay, chill dude, just a suggestion.” She replied, pretty freaked out by my reaction. I blew my fringe out of my face and turned to the front again.
Finally, the support act came, and I seemed to forget all about my feet, and any other problems and I went crazy, along with everyone else in the crowd. After their second song the big girl at the front had to get pulled out by the security people, and everyone shuffled forwards trying to get to the front. After a few more injuries I actually found myself and Amy leaning against the metal barrier, on the front line! Yeah it was cramped, and I had many elbows in my face, and feet on my toes during the process BUT I MADE IT!!
After the support act had finished the stage went dark, and my anticipation grew.
“I can’t take this any more Amy, I’m gonna fucking kill myself in a minute!” Wow I really was impatient.
It seemed like an eternity until MCR showed up, but when they did, the crowd went crazy, including me. The band started off as the Black Parade, then changed and went on to playing some of the songs from their other two albums. I was so caught up in he music I didn’t even realize me and Amy had been separated my the crowds and I had no idea where she was, but I would worry about that later. I sang along to all the songs, jumped around so much I couldn’t feel my feet, and ended up with a lot of cuts and bruises. To be honest, I must have looked pretty rough by the end of the night, but it didn’t bother me because I just had the best night ever.
“I FUCKING LOVE LONDON! THIS PLACE KICKS ASS!” Is what Gerard said before the band went off stage
“I FUCKING LOVE IT TOO!” I screamed in a response, he turned around and gave me lopsided grin. Shit, Gerard Way just looked at me, he smiled at me for fucks sake, this really was the best night ever.
After the show, I pushed my way out of the crowd pretty quickly, to try and find Amy, but there were so many people around, and I couldn’t see over most people’s heads.
“AAAAAAAmyyyy!” I shouted, and again got many weird looks from people, “wait, this isn’t the best idea…. HAHA how dumb am I.” I said out loud, meaning to say it in my head…whoops.
I reached outside the venue and remembered I had a cell phone. As I reached into my pocket it slipped out of my hands and smashed on the floor.
“Ah, fuck this fucking piece of shit,” I mumbled to myself. When I picked it up, a part of the phone I thought could not come off. “Wow, I did NOT know that could happen.”
I wandered over to the side of car park and sat on the curb, looking down at my phone.
“Out of everyone here, this had to happen to me didn’t it…” I tried to stick my phone back together, even though I knew it wasn’t helping. Suddenly I could feel that there as someone standing behind me, I turned my head.
“ASHLEAGH! OH MY FUCKING GOD IT IS YOU!” A small mixed-race girl with short black curly hair, and the biggest smile ever was standing in front of me. I jumped up straight away, hugging her tight.
“Roxy! What are you doing here? I’ve missed you so much!” Roxy had been my best friend since we were born but she moved to America, and it was really hard to keep in contact with her.
“I know, we HAVE to catch up…. oh I’m touring with My Chemical Romance, they played here tonight…. I’m kinda their slave, like get their coffee and stuff. They say I’m a roadie, I say I’m a slave.”
“Yeah, Rox. I was at the show tonight! I can’t believe you work for MCR that is so cool.”
“Hey do you want to meet the guys, you can hang out with everyone tonight, cause we need to catch up anyway.” Roxy asked, I literally answered straight away
“Are you kidding?! That would be awesome.”
“It’s settled then,” Roxy said grinning from ear to ear, I laughed and linked my arm round hers and started to walk in a random direction.
“Um…. Ash, you’re going in completely the wrong direction.”
“Yeah, I knew that, I said still smiling and jumped to turn the other way
“AND MARCH!!” I said starting to walk.
MCR are defo in the next chapter!!
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