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meeting the guys in this chapter!

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Chapter 3: My Chemical Romance

Oh god, I was going to be seeing My Chemical Romance any time now…please don’t hyperventilate!
Under all the excitement I had this nagging feeling at the back of my mind…was I forgetting something.
“OK, here we are, this is the guy’s bus, me and a few others sleep in a separate one, and it’s still cramped!” Roxy said rolling her eyes in humour. She opened the door and walked in.
“Hey Roxy! Who’s this?” Gerard Way said as I tripped on the last step into the bus, my face going red. What the hell was wrong with me?!
“Hi Guys, this is Ashleagh Williams. She’s my best friend, even though we haven’t even seen each other in years.” She added grinning at me.
“Your blonde.” Frank stated, then turned back to the x-box, or whatever they were playing on.
“Yep” I said unsure of what to say to that random comment. The others gave Frank a strange look and all said hi.
“Well, me and Ash are just gonna do some catching up, so you can carry on doing whatever,” we walked over to the sofa at the back.
“So what's been going on?!” I asked looking forward to catching up with my best friend.
“Well, when I moved, I dropped out of school at 16, and well, you know my dad was the kinda manager-in-charge person for Kaiser chiefs, well now he’s that for My Chemical Romance, so dad knew school wasn’t for me, and he didn’t like the idea of leaving on my own in the house while they were on tour, plus I didn’t have a job, so this was the best solution.”
“So your dads here too!!” I said loudly, and the next second a man with greying hair, big build, and a big smile (just like his daughter) walked through the door.
“Uncle Max!” I shouted as I ran across the room to hug him. I heard laughs from all around the room.
“Hi Ashleagh, obviously very pleased to see me. You look as beautiful as ever baby.” I beamed at him.
“Oi, Roxy, get me a coffee!” Begged Frank, giving her puppy dog eyes, totally changing the subject.
“Get it yourself, you lazy faggot!”
“Roxy, just get it, and mind your language.” Said Max
“Hypocrite….” She mumbled to her father as she got up from her seat and walked passed him.
“Oh get one for me too Rox!” Said Gerard, as she walked out
“Me too!” called Mikey
And me!” Added Bob. Then everyone turned to look at Ray.
“What!” He said looking around confused. While everyone laughed.
I stood next to Max, when Roxy left the room, feeling quite awkward.
As all the guys were talking with Max about the show, I suddenly remembered Amy!
“Shit, shit, shit! Mother fucking bastard!” Everyone turned to look at me with a shocked expression.
“The language that comes out of these kids mouths nowadays is shit.” Said Frank probably not realizing that he was swearing too.
“No, it’s my friend. It’s Amy. We got separated at the show and I couldn’t find her anywhere.” I said running my hands through my hair. I went over to the sofa (to grab the things that had fallen out of my pocket while sitting down) as I ran over there, I managed to trip on the floor, I fell, but luckily my landing was nice and soft.
I looked down to see what I had fallen on, and turn red. I managed to get myself on top of Gerard Way, who was sitting on the sofa. Wow. He had the nicest eyes, and his hair looked even softer up close…..
“No wonder it was a soft landing…. shit, that was actually suppose to come out in my head.” I said realising I once again said something out loud without realising it till it’s too late. “Sorry about that.” I said getting up. He didn’t seem to mind, it seemed that him and everyone else were finding the situations I get myself in very amusing.
“Don’t worry about it kid,” he said helping me up, grinning, “You really are pretty clumsy, am I right!” he said, with humour in his voice.
“HA, clumsy would be the understatement of the century!”
I now carefully walked over to the sofa, pocketed my things, and picked up my phone.
“Do you think it has any chance of survival?” I asked everyone, hoping for any way to get in contact with Amy. Max walked over and took my phone out of my hands, inspecting it.
“Doesn’t look like it hun.” He said, putting his arm around me when I made a random noise, which was supposed to be upset, but it sounded quite retarded. “Come to think of it, I have a way you can find your friend again…. I’ll be back in a few.” He said, thoughtfully. He then grabbed a sweatshirt, and walked out the bus.
Roxy walked back through one of he doors.
“Here, you lazy arses.” She said laying a tray on the table, with drinks on it.
“You know Roxy, you’re supposed to do this stuff, with a good attitude.” Bob said, reaching forward to grab a drink. While the other guys grinned to wait for Roxy’s reaction. She just breathed in and out heavily and walked over to mumbling, “I will not hit bob, I will not hit bob…” under her breath. “Where’s dad?” She asked me. I explained what had happened to her.
“Who’s Amy?” She asked with a strange look on her face.
“My friend.”
“Better friend than me.”
“What!” I asked her, shocked, why was she acting like this?
“Sorry.” She said, realizing what she said. “I guess it’s just weird thinking about you having another best friend, cause it’s like, before I went away, we were inseparable, and I didn’t really think about other friends cause I was just on he road and stuff. I guess it’s different for you.” She said with a sad look on her face
“Yeah, I guess it is different for me. But your always gonna be Roxy, my best friend ever in the whole wide world.” I said in my cheesiest voice, holding out my hand, so we could do out old handshake, that we made up when we were really little. We done our handshake, which went on for a while, then we just burst out laughing.
“You guys are weird, and you freak me out!” said Frank cowering himself away from us, which just made us laugh even more.
After we had calmed down a bit, we both sat on the sofa, and had a conversation about the most randomness of things. It started off pretty normal, just finding out things. But then the conversation, went passed random, and we found ourselves talking about the point off llama’s being able to live if they don’t have a hump.
“I guess because they don’t live in the dessert, they don’t need to able to store water,” I said
“Fat.” Roxy said, looking at me
“Excuse me,” I said looking down at my stomach, feeling quite insulted.
“Not you.”
“Oh, Mikey right.”
“Hey, why me. Why not Gerard. I knew they called him fatty in kindergarten for a reason!”
“Hey. You said you wouldn’t tell anyone about that. And I still call you my brother. Traitor!”
“No, none of you guys!”
“Oooh, I see. It’s not nice to insult your own father Roxy.”
“I’m not talking about a person. Im talking about fat!!”
“Not following.” I said, “If this is one of your abbreviations for mean words that you call me then I sw-”
“No fat. Camels store fat in their hump too.”
“Oh. That’s so cool…. what are we talking about again,” I said trying to remember.
“No idea.” Frank said, looking confused. “I zoned out a while ago now. It’s more fun looking at Roxy’s boobies.” She glared at him, while we were laughing.
3 people walked in through the door.
Max, followed by Amy and her mum, looking really worried.
“Amy!” I jumped up from in between Roxy and Ray, and went over to hug her. “I was trying to find you, then I found Roxy, then met these guys,” indicating to MCR, “and you know me and Rox haven’t seen each other for a ages. So I just lost track of things and…yeah. Im sorry.” I ran my hands through my hair, running out of things to say.
“Aw Ash. Don’t worry about it. Me and mum were just worried, that’s all.”
“Thanks for finding them Max. I owe you one!” I gave him my biggest smile.
“Yes Max, thank you so very much. But we all must be going now. So Ashleagh. Do you want to say goodbye to everyone now.” Said Laura (Amy’s mum) trying to rush things along. “I’ll go and um, start the car.” She said walking out, and thanking Max once more.
“Um…” I started to feel awkward again, but Roxy stepped forward smiling.
“Hi Amy, I’m Roxy. Ash said so much about you!” Then she looked around, hoping for at least a thumbs up from someone. As she didn’t recieve one, she carried on. “Sorry, I got Ashleagh distracted, but I didn't think she had come with anyone, which was pretty dumb of me really. Um…. Anyway. This is My Chemical Romance. Say hi guys!” She said, using them as a good distraction, so she didn’t carry on speaking and making herself look ridiculous.
“Hey,” they all said, and Amy replied, but was acting more shy than I had ever seen before. How weird.
“So. We better go Ash.” Amy said, tugging my arm.
“Ok.” I turned to Roxy, “I’m gonna miss you so much Rox.” I reached out to hug her, but she stopped me.
“Come with me,” She said
“Come on tour with us. You don’t have a job right.
“No but-”
“Then come…. it’s the perfect idea! They wont mind will you guys,” she asked the guys, getting more excited by the second
“No. Good idea. I guess you need someone your own age right,” said Gerard, smiling at me. “What do you think Max.”
“Um…..I don’t see why not”

see what happens next chapter. trust me this story will get much more exciting. review please!!!! x
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