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Changing Fate

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Harry and another is sent to the Spirit Realm, to learn to become Spirit Hunters.

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A/N; This story is a cross between Harry Potter and Yu Yu Hakusho Spirit Detective, well sort of since I'm using his attacks for this story.

Also I may have made Dumbledore look Evil, but I have a reason he is like that, it will be explain in a future chapter.

Also I don't own Harry Potter and Yu Yu Hakusho and please review.

November 1 1981

Private Dr.

In the middle of the night, two elderly adults are arguing about the household before them until the elderly men place a baby on the doorstep.” I assure you Minerva Mr. Potter will be protected here.” Dumbledore firmly assure his friend.

“If you insist Headmaster, but I still don’t like this one bit.” The stern looking McGonagal greatly protested, before disappearing with a pop.

With his colleague gone, the age Headmaster of Hogwarts, place several Runes on the house, and once he was done, he smiled.” There now any abuse Potter receives from his relatives will go unnoticed, since he will be fully healed within the hour.” Dumbledore smiled evilly at the thought.” I’m sorry to do this to you Potter, but I can’t have another powerful Light Wizard getting all the attention.” Dumbledore spat out as he disappeared with a pop.


In a pristine looking home, a whale like man backhands a bloodied child of five years, sending him to ground in pain.” You Lazy Freak, I give you a small list of choirs, which should have been done in a couple hours, but no it took you the whole day to finish a quarter of it!” Vernon Dursley yelled, as he waved a paper filled with hundreds of various choirs.

“I’m sorry please just give…” Harry weakly pleaded, but a hard kick to his side cut him off.

“I don’t want any excuses Freak, now get into your Cupboard and prey that we remember that you are in there!” Vernon spat out, as the young child tried to crawl into the small cupboard, but a large hand grabbed his ruin clothes and roughly threw him in.

With the many locks on the Cupboard secured, the whale of a man smiled.” What good stress relief that Freak is all good for.” Vernon thought as his wife looked disgustedly at the mess he made.

“Vernon I sure hope he is healed up in the next hour, I sure don’t want to clean up the mess the Freak left.” Petunia disgustedly asked, as she spied the blood on the floor, walls, and a few drops on the chairs.

“Don’t worry dear, he always is healed, must be something from his Freakish ways or something.” Vernon spat out, as he headed to the kitchen for something to eat.

Somewhere Unknown

In a large castle surrounded by dense fog, a tall man with long white beard sighed as he sat at a desk looking at the many parchments before him.” What a mess wars cause, it will take me an eternity to sort threw the thousands of Lost Souls that lost their lives because of it.” The large man sighed, as he begins to shuffle the papers about, until a cough got his attention.

“My Lord Kami, there is a matter we need to discuss.” A beautiful young woman kindly asked her voice ring beautifully about the large room.

“Ah Lady Fate, how can I help you?” Kami gently asked, as he looked to the young woman.

“My Lord remember the little boy, I fated to end the war with a Dark Lord?” Fate kindly asked as the large men nodded.

“Ah yes, and thanks to your fast thinking, we now are now in a time of peace in the Wizarding World.” Kami smiled, but it faded as he looked to the sad face of the young woman.” What is wrong?” Kami quickly asked, as the young woman sighed.

“Some dark forces are interrupting the Boy’s fate that I had woven for him, and I fear if nothing is done, WE WILL lose him to the Darkness.” Fate warned as the large man looked to her.

“Can’t you do anything, to change what is happening to the boy now?” Kami quickly barked out, but the young woman shook her head.

“You know very well, once I set events in motion, I can’t change it, even if the events don’t go as I plan.” Fate regrettably reminded the large man, but smiled at a thought.” But I can give the child another Fate, if you allow me?” Fate kindly suggested, as the large man gave it a thought.

“Hmm the boy will be powerful right?” Kami remembered, and the young woman nodded.” Hmm, I do need a new Spirit Hunter, to deal with the Lost Souls that had not made it to Spirit Realm, and now causing Havoc in the Living Realm.” Kami thoughtfully suggested, and the young woman nodded.

“Then I shell wove a new path for the boy to follow, you will know what to do to make it so.” Fate kindly suggested, before disappearing in an almost blinding light.

With the young woman gone, the large man sighed.” I really hate to do this to someone so young, but he is needed to fight the Darkness.” Kami thought as a cloud of Darkness appeared before him, instantly a dark hooded figure appear, holding a razor sharp scythe.” My Lord Kami you summon me?” The Dark Hooded figure gravely asked.

“Lady Reaper, you know you can’t intimidate me with that form, so please turn to your other form!” Kami firmly suggested, and instantly a young dark hair woman replaced the dark hooded figure.

“I’m sorry my Lord, but you did interrupt me while I’m on duty.” Lady Reaper tirelessly informed the large man.

“I know, you are very busy collecting the many lost souls still in the Living Realm, but I need you to get a special case, and he is not yet dead.” Kami firmly informed a startled woman.

“Not yet dead, Kami you very well know I’m not allowed to release a spirit before their time.” Lady Reaper quickly protested.

“I know Lady Reaper, but Lady Fate is now woven a new path for the boy to follow, and it will allow you pass threw your restrictions.” Kami informed a grumbling woman.

“Fine I will retrieve his soul for you, but I really hate doing it this way.” Lady Reaper greatly protested before disappearing in puff of dark smoke.

With the young woman gone, the large man sighed as went back to his mountain size paperwork.” I know the feeling Lady Reaper, but this must be done this way.” Kami thought as he again starting working on his paperwork.

Private Dr.

Night had settled in a quiet neighborhood, as a dark hooded figure pointed a scythe at a quivering spirit of a crazed man.” Please don’t hurt me, I never did anything wrong!” The ghostly man quickly protested.

“Nothing wrong, you escape death for far too long, its time for you to leave the Realm of the Living!” Lady Reaper spat out, as she waved her scythe.” Spirit Gun!” Reaper yelled sending a blinding light at the spirit.

“NO…” The spirit yelled before disappearing in a blinding flash.

“One down and around hundred Million more spirits to go.” The Lady Reaper sighed, wishing there was a way to track the many spirits that she wasn’t able to send directly to the Spirit Realm as soon as they died.” Oh well I got a mission to accomplish, so the rest can wait.” Lady Reaper sighed as she floated threw the door of a house, to found her prey.

As the hooded figure floated into a pristine looking house, her nose wrinkled in disgust.” This house is too clean for my taste!” Lady Reaper mumbled as she looked about and caught the faint signs of a too familiar scent.” That is odd, there is someone here who been at Death Door way to many times to be alive.” Lady Reaper thought, as she followed the scent to a small cupboard.” My word, this won’t look good.” Lady Reaper thought as she slashed at the door with her scythe, and the many locks fell to the floor.” Why do I have a feeling I won’t like what I see.” Lady Reaper griminess as she bent down to open the door to a sight she never hoped to see.” Oh my dear, how can this boy be alive?” Lady Reaper thought as she bent down into the cupboard, and found traces of Magic pouring into the gravely injure boy.” So that is how, someone place an Advance Healing ward here to keep this boy alive no matter how badly hurt he get.” Lady Reaper spat out, as she realizes the boy’s torturer would never get caught with this Ward in place, and not only that, this boy would suffer years of abuse, and no one will realize it.” Great this almost worse then retrieving spirits from a Dark Age battlefield.” Lady Reaper thought in disgust, as she spied a bloody and bruised boy, whom seems to be unconscious.” Oh well, I guess I won’t have any regrets to freeing this poor boy soul, to set him free from this nightmare.” Lady Reaper grimly thought as she placed a finger above the boy’s heart and closed her eyes.” Spirit Release!” Lady Reaper whispered, and lifted her finger to slowly pull out a ghostly image of the boy from his bloody body.” Ok the easy part is done, now for the hard part.” Lady Reaper sighed, as she got up, and floated the unconscious spirit to the couch.

After setting the newly created spirit on the couch, the hooded figure turned into a young dark hair woman, to shake the young boy awake.” Hey there little one, it’s time for you to wake up.” Lady Reaper gently asked, causing the boy to stir.

“What the…” The young spirit cried out, as he saw the spirit before him.” You are a ghost!” Harry cried out in fright.

“Actually I prefer Spirit, thank you very much.” Lady Reaper informed the young spirit with a look of disgust of being called a ghost.” And you little one, should look at yourself before trying to run off.” Lady Reaper simply informed a startled spirit, before he looked to his hand to find them silvery and transparent.

“What is wrong with me?” Harry worriedly asked, as he checked his body to find himself transparent.

“To put it simply, you died and I am here to take you to the Sprit Realm where you will be learning about your destiny.” Lady Reaper informed a shock spirit.

“So Uncle Vernon finally did it, I’m glad I don‘t have to live with him.” Harry sighed as he looked to the older Spirit.” Wait what does destiny mean?” Harry quickly asked, as soft crying interrupted the woman’s explanation.

It took a moment for the two Spirits to find the source of the noise, and both were surprise to see at the kitchen table, a Spirit of a little girl crying into her hands.” Hello little one, what happen to you?” Lady Reaper gently asked, as she stepped before the crying child.

“I was eating snacks with my brothers, and then I suddenly felt like I was falling.” The little girl cried into her hand, not seeing who she was talking to.” The next thing I know, I‘m here, please I want my mommy.” The little girl begged as she continued crying.

“You felt like you were falling?” Lady Reaper quickly asked as she sat near the child, and with a nod from the child, the woman eyes went wide.” The only reason for that feeling is when a soul was removed before their time.” The Lady Reaper thought before turning to the crying spirit.” Come on little one, I need to take you to the Spirit Realm, hopefully there we can get some answers to why you died.” Lady Reaper gently asked, as the little looked to the woman for the first time.

“YOU, YOU ARE A GHOST!” The little girl cried out in shock causing the woman to sigh.

“No I’m not a ghost, I’m just a special spirit that brings lost souls to the Spirit Realm, hopefully there you will get to live with a close relative that recently pass away.” Lady Reaper gently suggested, causing the little girl to cry more.

“NO I don’t want to go with you, I WANT MY MOMMY!” The little girl cried, as the woman felt a headache coming.

“I really hate dealing with Spirit children.” Lady Reaper sighed as she looked to the child.” I’m sorry my child, but that is not possible, you see when you die, you become invisible to the living, and so if even you see your parents, they can no longer see or comfort you.” Lady Reaper tried to explain, as the little girl cried.

“I won’t see my parents ever again?” The little girl sniffed.
“I’m afraid no, or not at least until its time for them to go to the Spirit Realm, but I’m afraid no one know when that will happen.” Lady Reaper gently explained as another spoke up.

“I too just died maybe we can go to the Spirit Realm together.” Harry interrupted, and the little girl looked to him.

“You look about my age.” The little girl guessed.

“I’m five years old, how old are you?” Harry asked as the little girl look lost in thoughts.

“I’m four years old.” The little girl shyly informed the older child.” Hi my name is Ginny Weasley, what is your name?” Ginny shyly asked, seeing that she did not know the two strangers.

“My name is Harry Potter, nice to meet you.” Harry smiled, as the younger child eyes went wide…

“You are…” Ginny started, but another interrupted.

“Sorry to interrupt, but we should be going so please take my hands.” Lady Reaper firmly suggested, immediately the children took her hands, and soon the three was gone in a puff of dark smoke.


In the Headmaster office an age Headmaster was relaxing when alarms sounded, and he quickly checked his instruments.” The Wards on Potters home is losing its strength, what is going on there.” Dumbledore worriedly thought as he open a small case to show a pure black crystal.” Potter dead!” Dumbledore shouted in shock, as he rushed to his fireplace to throw some powder.” ARABELLA FIGG RESIDENCE!” Dumbledore shouted and step into the flame.

No 4 Private Dr

Well into the night, a family of three was rudely awakened by the doorbell.” BLOODY HELL, who is in the right mind to come for a visit in the middle of the night?” Vernon shouted as he and his wife got out of bed to see who was at the door.

At the door the couple was surprise to see an elderly man in Robes, whom one quickly recognized.” Albus Dumbledore, what are you doing here?” Petunia stuttered out in fear.

“I’m here to see Mr. Potter where he is?” Dumbledore firmly asked, as the husband protested.

“You can’t barge in here and demand to see any one!” Vernon shouted, but his wife held him back.

“It alright dear, it was Albus who made sure we don’t get caught for the treatment of that Freak.” Petunia quickly assured her husband before turning back to the Headmaster.” The Freak in his room, you know where it is right!” Petunia firmly asked, and the headmaster nodded.

Just outside the cupboard, the Headmaster smiled at the small room, before waving his wand, and opened the door to see the bloody body of a child.” Petunia how long ago was his usual punishment.” Dumbledore spat out, as he waved his wand.

“A couple hours ago, why is something wrong with the Wards?” Petunia nervously asked.

“I’m afraid so, Potter is dead.” Dumbledore informed the now shock couple.

“WHAT you said Potter will be always fully healed as long as he is breathing.” Petunia shouted, as she realizes what they had done.

“Don’t fret, I will make sure your family is not in trouble, and also I will take care of this mess.” Dumbledore assure the couple as he magically cleaned the bloody cupboard and was gone as soon as he touched the body.


Earlier a family of red hairs was enjoying a light snack until the youngest child went limp, as she reaches for a snack.” Ginny dear, what wrong.” Molly worriedly asked, as she reached over to check her daughter, only to scream a second later.” NO, NO IT CAN’T BE!” Molly yelled getting the others attention.

“Molly dear what’s wrong?” Arthur worriedly asked, but his wife was too upset to talk, so he quickly got up to check his daughter.” I’m taking her to St. Mungo’s, don’t wait up for me!” Arthur quickly informed his family and gather up his limped daughter, immediately both was gone.

Daily Prophet Obituaries

Harry James Potter The Boy Who Lived

July 30, 1980- 85

Found to have died in his sleep, by his caring relatives, date of funeral will be release on another date.

Ginerva Weasley


Died while eating snacks, it is unknown what cause her death.
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